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  1. Veseli1094

    Wanted Audi s6 4f prts

    Hi everybody, I need few parts for my crashed S6 v10 1. S6 Front bumper with pdc and with washer 2. S6 front passenger fender 3. S6 air box passenger side 4. S6 led drl 5. S6 both headlights 6. Passenger and driver seatbelt 7. Steering wheel aurbag + passenger dashbord airbag Prices and...
  2. Veseli1094

    Audi S6 headlight and drl small problems

    Hi guys, i replaced my d2s bulbs with new osram cbi few days ago and i found out that my headlights have AFS module on them, after that i remove glove box and also found there one AFS module. I knew that was option on car but i never some my lights go left or right in corner neither up and down...
  3. Veseli1094

    Wanted Audi S6 V10 Engine block / Engine / Crashed Car with ok Engine

    Hi there, after dealer disassemble my car we found that cylinder walls 6 - 10 have some marks, so dealer told me that thay think it is not possible to sleeve it nad some people told me that is it possible ( i am waiting reply from machine shop about that) but just in case i am looking for S6...
  4. Veseli1094

    S6 V10 oil consumption problem

    Hi guys/girls. new problem today again After changing starter and alternator last month (29.07), today i go to inspect oil and i found no oil on dipstick (it was on max on 29.07). I took oil and put inside 2.2 L +/- and it was on middle of dipstick after that. When i come back in house and i...
  5. Veseli1094

    audi s6 c6 sunroof problem

    Hi guys/girls. I have problem with sunroof on S6 C6 sedan. Few days ago when i opened sunroof, shade was stuck in all open position, and sunroof couldnt close all the way. Somehow i manage to close it, and today i removed sunroof and moved rubber piece on both side that cover screws because...
  6. Veseli1094

    Audi S6 V10 little problems

    Hi guys and girls and happy new year to all of you ;) Now lets get to little problems that i have with my Audi S6 2007 sedan. 1) i have problem with rear window deffoger, i turn it on and after 1 minute every time it automaticly turn itself off and wires on glass are not warm at all. finally...
  7. Veseli1094

    Audi S6 V10 - Finally - Few questions!

    Hi guys and girls, i finally bought S6 v10 saloon so i have few question! 1) I hvae TV function in my car but when i watch it, it is very laggy so i am interested in fixing that anyone know how? 2) My car dosent come with air suspension, and it is must for me so is it any way to retrofit it? I...
  8. Veseli1094

    Audi c6 4.2 v8 fsi exhaust

    Hi guys I have audi c6 2008 MY with 4.2 v8 fsi engine and 350hp and on top of that i have milltek exhaust i dont know is it full exhaust or just muffler and tips (it is deeper and louder then standard stock) So i am curious, because i want to put 4 tailpipes like on s6 with new difuser and i...
  9. Veseli1094

    Upgrade headlights

    Hi guys i need to upgrade my headlights in my a6 2008 so i am looking for few options 1. First option is to retrofit morimoto evor-x 2.0 bixenon retrofit so i have few questions Is it just simple as remove old one and put this and fix it ? Can i use all my old electronic and balast for that...
  10. Veseli1094

    Coolant smell c6

    Hi guys today i noticed that i smell coolant from air vents it is not that strong when you driving normaly but when i get closer to the vent i small it little bit One day i small it little then next few day or weeks i dont smell it at all Any clue? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Veseli1094

    measure for trunk badge

    Does anyone know measure from trunk edge to put badges like this (without s line) ??
  12. Veseli1094

    Somethif about outside mirrors

    I dont have turn signals on exterior mirrors so i am wondering can i just buy oem turn light and put it in mirrors and connect power on something or i need completley new left and right mirrors with lights Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Veseli1094

    Help with coding Audi a6 c6

    Hi guys I finally got my self vcds 17.8 and its working perfectly and as far as i know there is some different layout in coding section old one is like this and new is this ( i just took picture from google ) and then when i search for some coding for my car and they said long coding and i cant...
  14. Veseli1094

    Help with coding and with some question pls.

    Hi guys I finally got my self vcds 17.8 and its working perfectly and as far as i know there is some different layout in coding section old one is like this and new is this ( i just took picture from google ) and then when i search for some coding for my car and they said long coding and i cant...
  15. Veseli1094

    DRL install and wiring

    Hi all ;) 1) DRL install and wire I just bought drl lights for my a6 2008 and I know how to place it/install it on bumper but dont know how to wire it and where?!?! and will be enough to secure it to the bumper with just 3 screws/each or do i need to put 3M double sided tape?? 2) I want...
  16. Veseli1094

    proces of geting new key for c6 audi

    I lost my second key few month ago and now i want to buy it so i can have that second one in case of emergency. I have: 1 - 3 buttons key fob shell original with uncut blade So where i can buy used electronic for key fob to fit in my shell (my first original key is 868mhz and part number is...
  17. Veseli1094

    Buying brake calipers and what is this wheel???

    Hello all, I have audi a6 4.2 v8 from 2009 and i am wondering where i can buy nice used big cheap brake calipers for my car because i have this wheels 19 inch and i love them but i need nice and big brake caliper not this factory small one And by the way is this wheels are BBS or something...
  18. Veseli1094

    Where to buy this? and some other retrofit

    1) Does anyone know where to buy one of this lights if its availble anywhere?!?!?!?! 2) i have audi c6 4.2 2008 and i want to put navigation unit so i dont know what i need for that. my car dont have shark fin on roof, dont have navigation dvd drive. and i do not know is my car pre wire...
  19. Veseli1094

    audi c6 navigation rack in trunk??

    How to remove that rack in the left side of trunk or should i say with what tool to unscrew that screw which holding rack in place?
  20. Veseli1094

    Audi A6 4,2 V8 FSI upgrade sound?!?!?

    Hi guys i want to know how i can upgrade sound of my 4.2 V8 engine but i dont want to go in full exhaust build like miltech akrapovic and so on, maybe just muffler or pipes or something like that can you suggest me what to buy? i dont know much about exhaust but know that there is full sistem...