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  1. jsws3

    Real carbon b pillars group buy

    I'm looking in to a group buy on these if any one is intreated ? They are made from real 2x2 twill and then 2k clear coat for protection and look amazing . £150 delivered 3door or sport back .
  2. jsws3

    Photo shop request

    Can any one change the colour of this caddy for me to black and a set of anther cite bbs ck please
  3. jsws3

    In the market for a new van

    Im in the market for a new van. I need something that gives good mpg as i do alot of motoway miles. And can't decide what to go for . A new shap transit swb A vauxhall vivaro sportive swb A vw transporter t5 swb A vito swb If there are any people out there that use any of these vans on a day...
  4. jsws3

    graphite gray rotiform blq for sale

    Back up for sale after a no show on sunday as a forum member never turned up . my wheels are finnished in graphite gray . p.c.d 112 et45 19x8.5 £1000 with 215 35 19 falken fk452 with 6.3 mm tred on them .
  5. jsws3

    S3 clutch broke

    So with a bit of help from the boys where is the best place to get a sachs and dmf clutch for my poor old S3 . And what sort of £ am i looking for it fitted ?
  6. jsws3

    wanted mtm bimoto's

    Wanted MTM Bimoto's to fit a S3 in anthercite if pos may px my rotiform's blq if any one is intrested
  7. jsws3

    Twintake Induction System

    How many of you S3 boys useing this twintake and what are they like do they make that induction flutter ?
  8. jsws3


    where can i get a copy of photoshop as i would like a play with some of the pictures iv got of my s3 ?
  9. jsws3

    oil for the s3

    my s3 needs toping up what oil do i need to get to top it up ?
  10. jsws3

    in need of some help guy's

    Is there any one in the birmingham area with vag-com as the mrs told me when she pulled in to our grove a light come on. And to top it off avp in burton up on trent who done my stage 2 + aka ben don't seem to be tradeing any more as web site is down and the phone's go to voice mail mobile and...
  11. jsws3

    Revo sage 3 ?

    Is any one running Revo stage 3 on stock internals ? If so how long for and what turbo are you useing . And what's the power like over stage 2+
  12. jsws3

    dbilias flow master

    Has any one got a dbilias flow master they want to sell as im on the look out for one
  13. jsws3

    Leather repair on s3 seats

    Has any one had any repair work done on there s3 leathers as my buckets could do with a small repair on them due to the mrs fat *** and the studs on her jeans . Oh and so glad she don't read my posts .
  14. jsws3

    AUDI RS3 on the ring ? Have a look and see what you think .
  15. jsws3

    19" Smoked chromed bbs ch

    Iv had my bbs ch refurbed in smoked chrome as i dident like the silver on my ibis white car . but i was going to sell them as iv seen something else i like . I got them back from the wheel specialist and i must say i love the colour . And to top it of the mrs likes them in this finnish to . Im...
  16. jsws3

    8 week old evoms for sale

    This evoms has been on the car for 8 weeks saterday . And due to the mrs its comeing off as she hates the fab noise it makes when you change gear . It comes with the heat shield and the invoice from regal autosport where i got t from . Im looking for £270 ...
  17. jsws3

    face lift S3 wheels

    Has any one got a set of S3 wheels for sale facelift one im after
  18. jsws3

    R8 wheels on S3

    http://<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  19. jsws3

    bucket seat covers

    Is any one useing seat covers on there bucket seats . If so where did you get them from ?