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  1. jesters3

    S3 Bumper Removal - How too

    For Marcus - take off the bumper guide
  2. jesters3

    Fog light bulbs

    You need H7 bulbs for the Fogs I used PIAA Xtreme Force 4700k in mine
  3. jesters3

    S3 headlights playing up

    You can also do a manual adjust if you want need too a longnosed screwdriver
  4. jesters3

    Snow Fun Picture Thread!!

    Waaaaaaaahhhhhh I miss my S3. sniff.
  5. jesters3


    Gone, Breezy picked them up along with my spare MAF and TB. Enjoy.
  6. jesters3

    Squeaky clutch

    I second the snapping clutch pedal. Same happened to me sound, click, slight sticking feeling and then clutch pedal snapped
  7. jesters3


    Hello, Just want to get rid of a pair of S3 Avus Alloys. Both have old Ultrac Vredstein tyres with 2/3mm left; however you will need to replace these as they have been on for over 5 years. Both Alloys have surface pock marks (where I dropped them face down on the tarmac doh) and very minor...
  8. jesters3

    A few Weird Noises and a brake problem from my S3

    1. Aux Belt or starter motor bushes 2. Possbly unevenwear or dead spots on tyre - happened to me a few times when the Goodyears were down to around 2mm 3. Change the pads first and test. When I changed the front pads and discs with a set of Mintex (£80 off ebay) after a while I got serious...
  9. jesters3

    Anyone got a original Avus alloy wheel for sale?

    Yes I have two that I want to get rid off!!!!! PM me and I will get photos tonight for you
  10. jesters3

    Help where can i get this today 06A-133-783-AS mani pipe

    I take it by the flap you don't mean the jubilee clips as seen above. If it is the other sort then I undo my with a pair of pliers or molegrips and replace it with a jubliee clip
  11. jesters3

    Help where can i get this today 06A-133-783-AS mani pipe

    Call an Audi dealership as this may be on the shelf - failing that a VW dealership and failing that GSF/EuroCarparts.
  12. jesters3

    Fuel Pump Relay

    Morning, Check out this thread I had to change it on the S3 - TBH i'm no mechanic but it was pretty straight forward to do. Didn't take too long too do just putting it back on right took longer!
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    Word of advice on changing the fuel filter. 1. Run the fuel to near enough empty 2. Take out the fuse 3. WEAR SOME GOGGLES - getting fuel in the eye isn't great
  14. jesters3

    Help needed Urgently - car won't start

    If you can't hear the fuel pump click in it could well be that. I had the same issue a few months back, car drove all fine got home turned it off went in side, came back out and the damn thing wouldn't start. VAG it came up with nothing check all the battery, fule pump fuse and everything else...
  15. jesters3


    You need to find the exact part code numbers from the scan. The fuel pump relay is relevant to about lots of different fault codes and is not always the problem. FYI my car had issues of conking out- scanned it and it came up with a fuel pump relay. Replaced the relay and all was good however...
  16. jesters3

    Slight smell of petrol after driving

    Have a look around the fuel cap to see if there are any drops of fuel there. I had an issue with a gravity valve in the fuel tank meaning that pressure built up inside the tank and was ******* fuel out whilst driving. To check if you have a faulty valve, start the engine and then go round the...
  17. jesters3

    S3 rattle-downpipe/cat?

    Oh - check out Welly's post on the propshaft to give you some more pointers
  18. jesters3

    S3 rattle-downpipe/cat?

    I have had the same issue, an annoying metalic rattle during driving and increasing with speed. Checked all the usual culprits but it came down to the propshaft. It was two things 1. the bearing was knackered and 2. the bolts were not secured. Would be worth getting your garage to check that...
  19. jesters3

    End of an Era

    Still be lurking every now and again, just will feel an outsider with no Audi though! Forgot how long I've been a member in AS.NET, I could have sworn you were on before me back in the day after the TS issue. Oh if anyone needs a middle section of the S3 Exhaust I have one to give away gratis...
  20. jesters3

    End of an Era

    Just for those who were curious. I got £1800 in a Part Exchange for a 05 plate Volvo XC90 with 60k on the clock. My car had done 205k at point of sale and need a raft of work to get it back to a good conditon. This included, cambelt and waterpump, full service, haldex service, new propshaft...