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  1. bennyball

    Rewiring mic for aftermarket head unit

    So my car had RNSE and a Bluetooth module from the factory. I've now fitted another headunit and wondered if I can use the standard mic? Has anyone successfully rewired a 3.5mm jack onto the standard mic wiring to work with an aftermarket?
  2. bennyball

    RNS-E to Symphony

    Can anyone tell me what is needed to get the symphony stereo working please? I previously had a RNS-E unit with Bluetooth, MFSW, SDS high etc, but after a scummy individual decided to take what wasn't theirs I'm loathed to fork out for another. I've bought a cheaper symphony unit but when I...
  3. bennyball

    Subframe bolts

    I'd like to replace all 6 subframe bolts Can someone please confirm, what are the correct lengths of the standard subframe bolts? Has anyone fitted the serrated washers to stop subframe knocking? Are there better bolts to use if so? So far I've got several different part numbers ranging from...
  4. bennyball

    Cayenne calipers

    So today I fitted a set of Cayenne 18z calipers to my A3 using Ml450 discs and shoulder bolts. When I tried to drive the car the edge of the ball joint is rubbing on the disc, has anyone else encountered this? I'm running S3/passat aluminium wishbones and ball joints, could this be the...
  5. bennyball

    Spring Compressors for coilovers

    I need to change the front top mounts on my car. Can anyone tell me if I'll need spring compressors or can I get away with winding the coils right down before I remove the nut without loosing an eye? I'm running H&R coilovers and I can't remember whether I used spring compressors to fit...
  6. bennyball

    I'm pickin' up bad vibrations

    Is anyone able to help please? I'm getting steering wheel vibration that gets worse with speed, by 80 it's trying to throw the car off the road! It has only started doing this since I had a new clutch and flywheel fitted, which being a quattro involved the garage disassembling half the car...
  7. bennyball

    Rnse Sds Hack Firmware

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to download or send me a legit copy of the hacked SDS firmware please? I have searched and all the links seem to be dead :uhm:
  8. bennyball

    Best way to get AD2P on RNSE

    As above really, i have a 2008 a3 with RNSE and i would like to be able to play music from my phone via bluetooth, what are the best and/or cheapest ways to do this? Thanks