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  1. a3rick

    Blackberry phone adaptors

    Hi Does anyone know if a Blackberry 9300 will fit in to a genuine Audi adaptor for Blackberry 9700? failing that how easy is it to remove the armrest phone prep and replace it (using the exisiting wiring) with a more universal system?
  2. a3rick

    remapping the new 2.0 140 tdi CR

    Has anyone had their new 2.0 tdi 140 CR engine remapped? If so where did you get it done?
  3. a3rick

    LCD or Plasma

    Hi, can anyone help me? I'm looking at getting a new tv, something around the 50" size. i was under the impression that Plasma was the way forward but after speaking to someone in Currys he wa saying that lcd was better as they dont suffer from burn in etc. I'm not a techie so a little confused...
  4. a3rick


    Just been told that the deivery for my 2.0tdi SB BE is going to be 31st May:sadlike: so I've got a long wait
  5. a3rick

    Just Ordered....

    Just ordered 2.0tdi 140 sportback black edition in Ibis white for my new company car!! Extras are interior light package,light and rain sensor package mobile phone prep(low). Needless to say I'm ****-a-hoop and cant wait,the missus doesnt like it in white which is a result because she wont want...
  6. a3rick


    ordered my new car on friday......... but now theres a problem with the finance company due to an unpaid £60 that I knew nothing about, hich has been paid now but dont know how to clear my name as to speak, anyone a lawyer? lol
  7. a3rick

    Phone kits & mfsw

    Can anyone help me? Can a hard wired retro fit hands free kit (e.g Bury) be wired up so it can be used with a MFSW and DIS? I've seen various threads explaining about the bluetooth option but cant see anything regarding my querie. Thanks in advance
  8. a3rick

    Ibis White sport pics anyone?

    Has anyone got pics of the Sport model in Ibis white? Also is there much difference between the front of a sport and S-line? Thanks
  9. a3rick


    Hi, I'm new to this site but my dilemma is this - I receieve an allowance for a company car and my choice is between the A3 1.8tfsi and A3 2.0tdi 140 I do approx 30,000 miles per year some mway but mostly A roads I get a fuel allowance of 14p per mile. Sensibility says I should go for the diesel...