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  1. K13 ASJ

    Q7 suspension problems, help!

    I'm away at work at the moment and one of the lads is having a problem he can't get an answer on: He has a 57 plate Q7 with air suspension. At the moment he can cyle through all the ride height settings but the NSF (drivers front) won't move an inch. All other corners go up and down, NSF...
  2. K13 ASJ

    My Ibis S3.

    Hi all back in a s3 again after a short change of cars.. Thought i would start a little write up to keep track of the mods. I'll start with some pics of the last s3, just because i kinda miss the sprint blue :bye: I changed that for this It was a great car, pretty quick and alot...
  3. K13 ASJ

    some advise needed, bluetooth/rnse

    Hi, i have just bought 8p3 S3 after selling my 8p2. the last one had every extra apart from buckets. This one has basically none. I'm on the verge of buying a RNSE g-version, and i want to get bluetooth at same time so i can get it all coded at the same time. What i need to know is what...
  4. K13 ASJ

    anyone in aberdeen/inverness aera?

    just bought another s3 after selling my old one. my last one had nav bluetooth ect this one doesn't so i am planning on buying a rnse mk2 and bluetooth adaptor, can anyone in the aera code this for me? I have a MFSW and the white DIS. do i have to buy a certain bluetooth adaptor? Any help/...
  5. K13 ASJ

    osir O-pod mono TT

    O-Pod Mono TT That's what i'm taking about if anyone dosn't know, what i am wondeing is has anyone fitted one and put back on the standard s3 vent surround? if so any pic's? reason i ask is it says on the add "For use with OSIR Design Retro Rings only."
  6. K13 ASJ

    How much miles are you getting per tank in your s3

    just what the title says really. I am only getting 200-250 miles per tank costing £75 on tesco momentum, My car has no engine/exhaust mods... So am i below average?? what you getting?
  7. K13 ASJ

    8p2 s3 standard alloy question / pic request

    i put my standard alloys in to be painted gloss black today, my question is what size is the center cap i.e the very center bit that is inside the chrome rim (the grey plastic bit with the audi rings), i would like to know this for buying black ones, if there even removable that is? would also...
  8. K13 ASJ

    Quick clean, sealed with wolf's body wrap

    Since it was a half deacent day decided to try it out the stuff i bought from polished bliss the other day, having never used sealent before and tried loads of waxes, i must say sealent is soo much quicker to apply, but i found it took a while too buff! anyway i started my clean with the normal...
  9. K13 ASJ

    Few pics.. carbon mirrors

    Got some carbon mirrors on today, and gave the car a clean so thought i may aswell take some pics.. here they go.. mirrors.. Also waiting on some MY11 rears from NHN. Then it will be h&r springs and that will be it for a while. Did try and get the front splitter...
  10. K13 ASJ

    8p S3 grill. HELP.

    HI, i have bought myself a black edition grill, i have been searching online all week but can't find a guide i was sure i had saw before... so does anyone have a link for a step by step guide on how to change the grill, either with or with-out removing the bumper. Any tips etc of what to watch...
  11. K13 ASJ

    suspension.. pics request

    hi folks, i am having trouble deciding what suspension to go for, i am mainly lowering for looks but handling and comfort are also very important. as the title sugests i am wanting some pics of how your suspension looks, preferably side on views of s3's on 19" wheels and if you could write to...
  12. K13 ASJ


    Heres a few pics of my new car... got it on thursday last week. and got the new wheels on today, 19" bbs ch-r blacks with 225/35/19 dunlop sp sportmaxx.. Really need it lowered, but not sure weather to go for coilovers or just springs... will h&r springs close that gap? had ap coilovers on my...
  13. K13 ASJ

    Where to buy black s3 grill.

    hi, all new to here and audi owning, been a golf owner for years, but just bought a s3 pre facelift in sprint blue. wondering where i can buy a black optics grill from and the price.. Thanks