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  1. Ludus

    Dashboard replacement?

    Just noticed a deep scratch in my dashboard, very deep you can put your nail in it… no idea where this has come from just noticed it today, so say in ****** off is an understatement. Is interior damage covered on the warranty? Looks like the entire silver piece will need replacing…
  2. Ludus

    Different seatbelts?

    I’ve just noticed something which is seriously bugging my OCD, my front passenger seatbelt socket is covered in soft felt, but the driver one is just plastic… is anyone else’s the same? Little details like this seriously bug me grrrr!!
  3. Ludus

    Start/Stop Electrical Whine?

    Has anybody noticed an electrical whine noise coming from the vehicle when the engine starts? Sounds similar to a squeaky brake pad. I think it's coming from under the drivers seat in the MHEV system so I assume it's normal, although I don't remember hearing it in any of the test drives I did...
  4. Ludus

    A3/S3 delivery lead time?

    Ordered my new A3 in January with a whole load of options, although I was previously advised i'd be looking at a June delivery, I have been assigned build week 28 which is mid-July, so will be looking at delivery mid-August... Seems like an excessively long wait, but I assume it's down to Covid...
  5. Ludus

    Why do you hate the new A3/S3 8Y?

    I see this forum very much has a marmite love/hate attitude towards the new 8Y, in-fact I can see it all over the internet. So i'd like to start a discussion about what it is you hate/dislike about the new 8Y... Personally, I love it! I think it's definitely an improvement over the 8V...