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  1. hazey7

    A4 B7 Black Optics Pack

    Does anyone know if you can retrofit a black optics pack? I've seen many grill surrounds changed - but I wondered if its easy to change the window surrounds to the black optic parts as well? If so are there any garages offering it? Grateful for any advice!
  2. hazey7

    Glow Plug Light Flasjing and lots more problems

    Just thought I'd pass on the knowledge from my cars latest wobbler: My 3.0 TDI had a little fit whilst out on the road, power was limited, glow plug light started flashing. Went home parked up and looked on the net for advice. Found no specific answers, some people said its a symptom of the...
  3. hazey7

    Refurbished my alloys and kerbed already... GRRRR!!!!!!!

    Those ****** 255/35/19s don't give you a cat in hells chance do they. never again.....
  4. hazey7

    Best place to supply and fit Recon Turbo?

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know or has used a garage/service to supply and fit a replacement turbo for a 2.0 TDI? It can be anywhere in the North West, Cheshire, Midlands, Staffs area. Looking for the best value in complete replacement service with a reconditioned unit. Grateful for any help.
  5. hazey7

    3.0 TDI Intake Manifold Runner Problem

    INT MAN RUNNER B2 LOWER LIMIT NOT REACHED fault code..... So, according to the Independent garage, to fix this tiny fault costs £1200 in parts plus one or two hours labour. Searching the web finds lots of people ignoring the problem and continuing to drive around. Others say why can't you just...
  6. hazey7

    A6 Heated Seats - Good but Rubbish?

    I love heated seats. You may think I'm spoilt and a moaning git - but - Why the Donald Duck didn't they put some heating elements in that front bit that moves backwards and forwards? So most of me is nice and toasty except the bit of legs just above my knees. Unless of course that seat bit has...
  7. hazey7

    3.0 TDI Engine Light on.....

    Hello all, the goddamn yellow engine light is on; has been on for about 2 weeks, but car is running fine, am sure its just a glitch.... is there any way I can reset this without resorting to putting the car on a VAG computer thing? Any advice gratefully received
  8. hazey7

    Anyone around the Cheshire area recommend a dent / scratch repairer?

    Hello gang, I am looking for someone reputable to repair a couple of scuffs, chips and dents on my black A6. Preferably in the Wirral/Chester/Cheshire area. Can anyone help and pass on the name of a good car paint person? Cheers H
  9. hazey7

    A6 auto - noise from brakes on moving off

    Hello all, my 3.0 TDI tiptronic makes a real creaking noise from the disc brakes when starting off. I do understand that due to the 'auto creep' the pads are still in contact with the discs for that split second before they are clear when moving off but I wonder if anyone has changed the make of...
  10. hazey7

    "Full' Audi Service History - Worth it?

    My 3.0TDI has been serviced by Audi from new (admittedly this is only twice) but have been quoted £500+ for the next major service. A reputable garage will service it using Audi parts for £300. I am not happy with Audi's services anyway, even at the 37,000 service they would not replace the...
  11. hazey7

    Full Audi Service History - Worth Keeping Up?

    My A6 3.0TDI has been serviced by Audi from new (admittedly this is only twice) but have been quoted £500+ for the next major service. A reputable garage will service it using Audi parts for £300. I am not happy with Audi's services anyway, even at the 37,000 service they would not replace the...
  12. hazey7

    A6 Bluetooth.... or not?!

    Hello all, would appreciate any help here regarding getting a handsfree mobile set up in the car. My car has the telephone 'receptacle' in the armrest, ie, the set of electrical contacts and cradle. However it doesnt appear to have bluetooth, as when trying to pair my iphone with the car...
  13. hazey7

    A6 2007 3.0 TDI Quattro Tiptronic Tax

    Hello all, I'm trying to figure out the annual tax for this car.... its 222 g/km so is group K for road tax. One dealer I spoke says this is registered after 2006 so therefore is £425. One dealer says no its under 225 g/km so is £245 a year..... When I looked on Parkers website it says this car...
  14. hazey7

    Selling my A4 2.0T FSI Quattro S-Line 06 64K FASH

    If anyone's interested I'm selling my car, as above, its on pistonheads and autotrader. I think its cheaply priced at 9,600.... need a bigger car!! 2.0T FSI Quattro S-Line 06 64K FASH Black Xenons Very Tidy Taxed and MOTd til May next year .... more info on adverts.
  15. hazey7

    Audi A4 Service in North West Cheshire Area

    Anybody any experience or any recommendations of getting their Audi A4 serviced around the Chester/Cheshire/Liverpool area? I am after a proper Audi service but hopefully less than main dealer prices?
  16. hazey7

    Anyone fitted a K&N Air Filter?

    Any worthwhile difference to power? MPG? Induction Noise? While I'm at it had anyone had their engine remapped and put it through an Audi service? Did they mention it or even notice it?! Cheers!!
  17. hazey7

    Removing 4 ring badge from grill

    Does anyone know how to remove and replace the 4 ring 'chrome' badge from an s-line grill. Need to replace mine and on looking at it, it looks very snug......
  18. hazey7

    Black Car Scratches

    Anyone had any experience in getting scratches removed? Due to a bad experience with a pressure washer hose mine has loads of low level surface scratches that I'd like to get sorted. There's loads and they're all over the car - what can be done outside of spraying? Any advice much appreciated...
  19. hazey7

    A6 3.0 TDI Quattro MPG

    Hello, am thinking about buying an A6 3.0 TDI Quattro S-line; can any of you existing owners give me an idea of the mpg you're getting? Would really appreciate your input.
  20. hazey7

    2.0T Oil Change or not

    My 2.0T still has 6K to go until its next service according to the service indicator but the oil now seems to have gone very black over the last 1,000 miles. I was thinking of changing it before the next service. Is this something that a lot of you do? Is the procedure straightforward? I found a...