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  1. whisky180

    Revo S4?

    had it on mine, seemed good but when i was having conversion works done the tuner pulled the heads and i had a cracked valve. which he said was most probably the revo map, get a custom jobbie bit more expensive but suited to your style of driving
  2. whisky180

    My 2nd B5 S4 Avant

    mrc tuning based in banbury, best to e-mail them
  3. whisky180

    AWE Drivetrain Stabilizer

    autospeed performance in the us do them also, damn good bit of kit. if your using coilovers or lowered springs you have to be a bit careful. i would'nt take mine off having used it
  4. whisky180

    Sat Nav installation service

    craig i have a 99 prefacelift s4 with a phatbox, what can u do for me and how much regards tony
  5. whisky180

    B5 S4 Tuning

    2 pics of engine in my gallery
  6. whisky180

    B5 S4 Tuning

    apparantly not as much lag as u would think, it has cost lots because i have a complete rs4 top end plus forged conrods, tubular manifods, custom inlets etc etc. i'd post a couple of pics for a taster if i knew how
  7. whisky180

    B5 S4 Tuning

    good as gold, dont know about the new conversion till i get it back this w/e
  8. whisky180

    B5 S4 Tuning

    mrc are the nuts for tuning these cars, a year and a half ago they took my s4 up to 470bhp which was pretty damn fast. they are just finishing a 580bhp conversion to it this week. these guys know these cars inside out
  9. whisky180

    Replacement s4 gearbox.

    i have an s4 gearbox, rs4 clutch and flywheel for sale
  10. whisky180


    ok now gone completly nuts, going for rs6 turbos, fmic, conrods, custom zorst, lightweight flywheel and hi-spec clutch + all the rs4 bits est 580bhp plus huge torque!!!
  11. whisky180

    American B5s

    when buying anything from the states ask them to mark the package warranty return. then no duty to pay
  12. whisky180

    which to buy

    do u like modding your cars? if the answer is yes go for the b5 s4 if no go for the 4.2. b5 s4's can be modded upto 600bhp, 4.2's exaust and remap thats about your lot
  13. whisky180

    What are Hybrid Turbos and has anyone fitted them to an S4?

    2) RS4 heads. Rare as rocking horse **** used. Brand new, probably about 5 grand fully built (that's how much vagparts used to list them for). If you fit RS4 heads you need RS4 intake manifold, TB, intake piping etc. Probably another 1500 - 2000GBP. i picked up all my rs4 bits second...
  14. whisky180

    What are Hybrid Turbos and has anyone fitted them to an S4?

    for a full informed and impartial opinion ring Doug at MRC 01295 077308, he did both Zero's and my car and would be recommended by both of us. we have both gone down different routes to high power his staying S4 mine going RS4. it all depends where u draw the line on how much power u want and...
  15. whisky180

    what next ???????

    buy an S4! lol
  16. whisky180

    buying from fontain

    if your worried about buying from a stealers why not have a look at the classifieds on or and buy from an enthusiast instead!
  17. whisky180

    What are Hybrid Turbos and has anyone fitted them to an S4?

    i have k04/rs6 hybrid turbos on my car and admitted u need to do plumbing works (intercoolers, injectors, fuel pump, exaust and remap) but i am running 470bhp without any more lag than k03 s4's and boy does it fly, ps 470 soon to be 540 but that maxes out the turbos, any more means full rs6...
  18. whisky180


    i try not to think how much but with all the suspension, brakes, wheels and the previous conversion its probably closer to 20k than to 15k
  19. whisky180


    dropped my car into mrc today for lots more work i.e rs4 con rods, bearings, shells, tubular manifolds, rs4 heads inlet manifold y pipe fuel rail maff charge air pipes, uprated clutch, lghtweight flywheel, phenolic spacers, rs4 gearbox. doug reckons with the work already done i will have 540 bhp...