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  1. JimC64

    A6 Flashing glowpugs & ESP Fault logged on display

    Hi guys, haven't been on here too much recently, just here n there as the Jag is now my daily driver. The A6 is still in the family and driven daily by the wife ( god help the A6 ) Anyhow for info purposes, just about 2 weeks or so ago I had an engine oil & filter change done as well as...
  2. JimC64

    forum meet 29th March + factory tour

    Hi All, I'm thinking about putting together a possible Audi meet in the next few months, for anyone thats interested?? Possibly looking at a meet next month ( 29th March ), possibly with a crossover of members from Jaguar forums which I'm on. It'd be a chance to meet other...
  3. JimC64

    Considering a change?

    Well, I think after 7 long but happy years it may be time for a change! I'm seriously considering this, a Jaguar 2.7 Tdvi Sovereign LWB Auto. Its in more or less mint condition, one previous owner with 60k miles and FSH, 12 month warranty, 6 months RFL and serviced around 500 miles ago...
  4. JimC64

    A6 section.....empty

    Hi guys, thanks firstly for the forum, seems like a decent well run site with good traffic. My only critique, is that it seems to be mostly aimed at A3/A4 owners As an owner of an A6 I don't visit as nearly as often as I do certain other sites, mainly because the traffic is so poor in that...
  5. JimC64

    Interior retrim

    Hi All, after visiting the excellent centre console trim thread, as below... Centre Console Trim Then the meeting with Mark ( MFGF ) and seeing his gorgeous car with the Brushed Titanium interior, I wanted it, and so went ahead I used Infinity wraps of BonnyBridge...
  6. JimC64

    A6 C6 Meets Poorboys Blackhole + Natty's Blue paste wax

    Had a chance to give the old girl a going over this morning.......then cleaned the Seriously though.....I managed to spend a few hours and got her washed / dried etc, inside hoovered / dusted etc, then broke out the Poorboys blackhole + Natty's blue paste wax. I wouldn't say I'm a...
  7. JimC64

    A6 C6 Air Con issues

    Well, after al the work I've done on my car recently, I thought I'd spend a few hours and get her cleaned up, washed, Poorboys Blackhole applied then covered with Natty's Blue paste wax..............she looks gorgeous. Unfortunately, I can't even post a pic or two as I'm so (...
  8. JimC64

    FAILED / failing Tandem pump, replaced or advised to??

    Have you replaced your tandem pump on your Audi? Have you been advised to replace it? Does your car suffer from hesitation, poor starting ( fuel run back ) or similar hard starts in the morning? I see the internet littered with posts on this subject on Audi's and VW's and am trying to build a...
  9. JimC64

    Soldiers V Cheerleaders

    These guys kill me, I swear.... Hats off to them Cheerleaders and Soldiers: Call Me Maybe - Cheating is SINfulCheating is SINful
  10. JimC64

    Remedial work on my A6

    Hi there, just a quick post about remedial work done to my A6 from new to date, as well as some of the issues I've been haing lately and what I've done / spent to try to resolve, where I am now? It kinda lists some of the issues I've been having, how I've addressed them etc, re...
  11. JimC64

    The BEST wheel cleaner around?

    I'm sure its probably been covered here somewhere before, but........... If not do yourselves a favour and check this out. Sonax FULL effect wheel cleaner...........its quite simpy put the mutts nutts, a truly amazing wheel cleaner...
  12. JimC64

    Various Audi HOW TO tips n tricks

    Please see below a link to an Audi specific maintenance "HOW TO" site.... There are some excellent tips n tricks regarding maintenance, what to look for , check etc...... PLEASE CLICK ON THE MAIN LINK BELOW NOTE - None of the "links"...
  13. JimC64

    Calling ALL A6 owners - PICS Post them on up

    It could just be me, but I've looked everywhere and this forum seems to be dominated by A3's and A4's.........Where's ALL the A6 owners.....?? Jim, from just outside's mine.. If you have em, please post them on up. Cheers Jim
  14. JimC64

    Dealer V Indy pricing differential

    Ok so I've been using the dealer mostly for everything for 6 years now. My experience has been good, service great, good people and usually good results. They're not always the cheapest as I'm sure you know, but they're not always the most expensive in the long run either. However, moneys...
  15. JimC64

    A6 2.0 Tdi ( 2007 - BRE ) In tank fuel pump location / how to - help needed

    Hi All, as some of you may know, I'm being told I may need to replace my in tank fuel pump on my A6 2.0 2007 BRE At a cost of £550 or so and the possibililty that it might fix the issue I just can't justify it tbh. I'm looking into this further, but in the meantime ....... If anyone...
  16. JimC64

    A6 2.0 Tdi Inlet manifold actuator

    25th October 2012 Hi all, car was in the dealers today ( see date ) for a basic interim service. Whilst there I was advised of an issue with my "Inlet manifold actuator".......stuck / not working or similar and needs replacing. I'll get round to doing some more intensive research...
  17. JimC64

    car ready for winter.......

    Ok, so maybe not totally ready for winter, but certainly a few changes made with an eye on the winter months ahead. Went to National Tyres today to get 2 new front tyres fitted.......called Aly on the way hoping for a meet, coffee and a chat / catch up would be good I thought. Turns out he was...
  18. JimC64

    A6 detailed

    Had mine detailed recently....... She's sitting at 95k miles and a little over 5 years old......she still turns a few heads here n
  19. JimC64

    Anyone considered Terraclean?

    Please see below some posts of mine on another site that show my interest, then the process of getting the car Terracleaned, what it involves and the results. I hope you might might find it useful 30/07/2012 Anyone considered Terra Clean?
  20. JimC64

    Clean A6

    Hey guys, just had a few bits n peices done to the car and had a few hours to kill today so thought I'd do a show n shine. Process took around 2 hours - could do it with my eyes shut now She's coming up for 3 and a half years old with 73k miles but she's in pretty good nick. She's washed once...