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  1. Markeyboy

    Is this about to fail? - drive shafts

    was having a knock hunting session today and creaky noise comming from the drive shafts when rocking back and forth, it seems to be comming from the shafts not the gear box heres a vid of the sound its making, is this normal, both sides sound the same and dosnt make any nasy noises when driving
  2. Markeyboy

    correct name for these wheels

    i need to find the correct name for these wheels, the ones pictured below were stolen from my garden and i need to file a police report, without looking like a complete numpty there 16" if it makes any difference to the name of them cheers
  3. Markeyboy

    tyre pressures for track use???

    im making the holy pilgrimage to the nurburgring this weekend in my 1.8T, im currently have 18's fitted with falken 452 tyres all round, at the mo im putting 32psi in the front and 34psi in the rear will this be ok for use on the track or is it wise to lower the pressures all round to allow for...
  4. Markeyboy

    lowerfront bumper question

    what are the differences in the lower front bumpers on the 8Ls i am intending on replacing the lower front bumper on my 1.8t and re-piping the fmic to try to get around the fog lights, ill need a new lower part because mines been really hacked about and tbh is a mess iv seen a few coppys of...
  5. Markeyboy

    air con clutch or control module fault???

    iv had no aircon since i purchased my a3 over a year ago when i switch the aircon on (econ off) the second fan at the rad comes on, but the clutch for the compressor does not come in i have got the plug off of the compressor and measured the voltage across it, it seems to be a constant 9 ish...
  6. Markeyboy

    Markeyboys 1.8T thread

    Right, iv been adding little threads all over the place about things im doing to my a3, its about time I kept it all on one place, So here we go This is my a3 when I bought it around a year ago Was quite a tidy looking car, had 115k on the clock, fsh etc. at first I was really pleased with...
  7. Markeyboy

    Check dv fault code

    i keep getting this fault code pop up every time i run a scan with vagcom 17705 - Pressure Drop between Turbo and Throttle Valve (check D.V.!) P1297 - 35-10 - - - Intermittent iv checked the system for damaged hoses, cant find any, dv checked out fine (007p) the car is on a std...
  8. Markeyboy

    Turborevs Side Mount Intercooler Install

    been asked by a coupple of people to do a write up on this, so here we go purchased from turborevs from that wonderfull place that is ebay, for about £105 delivered! the only ones they had in stock were the smic's for the diesel for the a3, there built the same but has a smaller diameter hole...
  9. Markeyboy

    finally got my 3" down pipe and decat fitted today

    iv had a turbo revs decat sitting in my garage for quite a few months now, i managed to nab this one on ebay for about £45 new. iv been putting off fitting it for mot reasons, but it passed for another year yesterday so i thought id take advantage of the year its much better looking than what...
  10. Markeyboy

    N249 bypass quick question

    Iv done the pcv simplification and catch tank install which leaves me with a spare vac port on the inlet manifold, can I run a new hose from this to the dv and plug the original hose? Just wanted to give it a try before I do the complete removal of the n249
  11. Markeyboy

    pulling left on acceleration

    on the way to work this morning, traveling about 50mph, i noticed that every time i accelerated the car pulled to the left and as soon as i let off it moves back to the right, it is only moderate 5th gear acceleration it is quite a concideriable movement (as if i had turned the steering wheel...
  12. Markeyboy

    Turborevs SMIC - what logs to take before and after fitting

    iv had a turborevs smic that i purchased quite a few months ago that i plan on fitting tomorrow, (i know a fmic would have been a better choice for performance gains but i bought this without really doing too much research into other options :keule: ) i want to run some logs before and after...
  13. Markeyboy

    Large map sensor size

    I need to modify a turborevs SMIC to accept the larger diameter map sensor Does anyone know the correct size hole diameter, Cheers Mark
  14. Markeyboy

    will new dogbone bushes cure my pull away rattle?

    my 1.8t has developed a rattle on pullaway and somtimes under low revs load in 2nd, sounds like the exhaust is touching the chasis somwhere. the exhaust dosnt apper to be loose and dosnt rattle at any other time i havn't had chance to get under there to have a look, but if the dogbone bushes...
  15. Markeyboy

    1.8t air box modifications, what have you done?

    im in the process of getting my car ready for a stage 2 remap and on the list is to modify and improve the air inlets to the airbox, so far i have smoothed the inside of the box, but now im trying to ger some cold air feed ducting to the dirty side of the filter box, but cant seem to find any...
  16. Markeyboy

    oil in DV - 1.8t aum

    i was changing my bosch dv for a forge unit today and noticed some oil in the dv and associated pipework, and some oil in the pipework from the I/C to the inlet manifold i can only assume this is a bad thing, but the car still drives fine and does not smoke could this be the start of a...
  17. Markeyboy

    essex 1.8t newbie

    hi, im mark, live in thurrock essex, just thought id pop in and say hello heres a pic of my car at the mo, slowly getting it to how id like it