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    Rocks arms (replacement)???

    Hi there has anyone changed there rocker arms in an Audi A4 b7 2.0tdi, wondering if it is possible with the cylinder head still fitted, as I'm going too be changing the camshafts this week and thought it would be rude not too change the rocker arms... The part I'm thinking is going too be...
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    Rear lights stopped working???

    Ok so my rear lights have stopped working only the 2 inner boot lid ones! Now the top light works and number plate lights work also when boot is opened interior bulb on boot lid also works central locking still works dash is displaying rear right brake bulb? Seen threads before about the wiring...
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    A1 flat bottom wheel?

    Can anyone help me I've seen a member on here with an Audi a1 mfsw (flat bottom) is there a specific one I need and slip ring ect or anyone will do obviously not dsg! A link too cheapest one would be awesome and much appreciated!
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    A4 rotors fit?

    Will these Audi A4 rotor alloys fit my a4 b7, et 33...255/35/19, 9.0j
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    Turbo supplier recommendations?

    Hi there after a replacement turbo for my pd170 anyone recommend a good supplier with a good price preferably a new actuator not a refurbished one!???? Looking for tried and tested supplier mines starting too burn some oil!
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    Vcds central convenience login code?

    Anyone know the login code for central convinenince 46? I would like to add emergency brake flash via vcds seen someone with a 2005 a6 advant with this option just wondered if it was possible on the a4 b7?
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    So thinking of buying a turbo???

    So I'm in need of a turbo as I have a crack in manifold and it's coming off it might as well be changed! Has anyone fitted or know if the cr 170 turbo is worth fitting or standard bv3? Thinking of this one ...
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    Fit or not ?

    Just bought this pipe on a spare of the moment eBay purchase then realised it might not fit any ideas? Someone on here with Blb engine fitted one. Isn't the Blb exshaust system different? As I have dpf does some Blb models come with dpf?
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    2.0tdi 170 turbo gasket??

    So turns out there's no gasket between turbo and manifold when sent from the factory. I have found what I thought was a crack in manifold defiantly blowing plenty of black soot, bought a manifold from local breakers and tried too order gaskets today and found out that there is no gasket for...
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    Cr170 vs pd170 turbo

    Can anyone confirm the difference between the 2 turbos except the obvious manifold built in too cr turbo I'm after turbo compressor wheel differences?
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    Swirl flaps?

    Is it possible too change the manifold on a 170bhp brd manifold with swirl flaps too the 140bhp manifold without swirl flaps-vac actuator.... Car has already had erg delete,dpf,remap wondering if it would affect the map in a bad way as without them should get better air flow? Obviously blank...
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    Cam shafts part number 2.0tdi 170bhp

    can anyone help I'm after part number for cam shafts for my a4 2.0tdi 125kw 170bhp,exshaust shaft part number and intake shaft part number? Can anyone recommend a good supplier? And can anyone tell me if the 170 camshaft has a different profile too the 140bhp shafts?
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    8e0513035A ? Sports?standard/heavy duty???

    Hi there I've got a set of new rear shocks for £40 (pair) can anyone advise exactly what car they are listed for please? I have 2.0tdi advant sline Quattro 170bhp!
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    A4 advant sline mud flap pics?

    anyone advise if the genuine advant mud flaps will fit my car as after several searches people say they doe others don't I've found a pic of a b6 advant slime with a set that looked perfect? Can't find any of a b7 any advise photos much appreciated!
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    A4 avant gearbox mount part number?

    Could any one help with the part number too engine gearbox mount on a 2007 model avant 2.0tdi 170bhp brd engine please?
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    2.0tdi fuel pump

    hi there wondering if anyone could help after changing In tank fuel pump/lift pump I have done around 1000 miles and fuel economy has gone too 34mpg but I have been using diesel very quick!!! Checked in tank pump on removal of rear seats I find a puddle of diesel sitting in the well of the top...
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    170bhp Siemens injectors

    Hi there basically wondering if anyone has bought a brand new set of injectors for there car. Having ordered a set of 4 from Audi totalling 1530 pounds I recived a refurbished set of injector no box and nozzles were black! I had a good look at the injectors and found that bags were stapled and 1...
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    Boost issues

    Ok so I'm having trouble after fitting a recon turbo with boost meeting requested on part throttle I have a few logs I'm getting 30% duty cycle at 4000rpm. Can anyone explain basically turbo stop screw =boost ?or no boost and when I start the engine I will be under vacume and actuator will be at...
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    A4 b7 2.0tdi battery/plenium cover??

    Just wondering if I'm missing my plenium cover as I've managed too fish out all the leaves but haven't managed too find the correct cover does anyone have any photos showing the cover please
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    Remap time

    well finally got the car in a good state of health and I'm booked in tomorrow for a remap can't wait dpf removal and egr delete so I'm hoping for some nice tourqe gains with a set of brand new tyres on there lol:blackrs4: