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  1. Defratos

    Installing new Bulbs

    Hi Guys, My cousin has the Audi S8 2008 or 2007 model I believe, He has bought new bulbs for his headlights and I'm having trouble finding any sort of DIY on how to go about replacing the bulbs. Can it be done from under the wheel well? or is it a bumper off job? I was looking at...
  2. Defratos

    New Goodies on my G35

    Hey guys, just thought I'd share my new mods on my car I know I haven't been around for a while but living in this country and not owning an Audi kinda justifies it :happy:, anyway just wanted to share my new toys, hope you like. I know Infiniti's are still rare in the UK but they should be...
  3. Defratos

    Spacers for 2007 Audi S8

    Hi guys, I've been trying to find 15mm spacers for a 2007 Audi S8, but I can't seem to find a set anywhere. Can someone help me out and show me where I can buy a set? Also do I need to do any measurements or would the extended bolts that come with the kit would be what I need...
  4. Defratos

    Fitting Aftermarket wheels

    Hi guys I've got a 2008 Audi RS4 with OEM rims (19x9) I believe offset 29 I want to install some Yokohama Advan rims which are 19x9 offset 25, but I wanted to ask: a) Would I need an adaptor? b) Can I use the OEM bolts?
  5. Defratos

    Audi 2007 S8 Aftermarket Brake pads

    Hi guys, I've got a 2007 Audi S8 with ceramic discs (OEM). I've found that the standard break pads are not up to the bite that I need. It seems to fade and not stop when trying to do an emergency stop from high speeds. I've been looking around for aftermarket Pads to install but I wanted...
  6. Defratos

    So Who Likes My New Exhaust ??

    Hi guys, Haven't been on here for AGES!!! but anyway moving to another country and buying a second car doesn't help, just wanted to share my new exhaust with you guys, wanted to see what your opinions on the car are, enjoy: Ohhh what I've done so far to the car: - Berk HFCs - Invidia...
  7. Defratos

    VAG com ABS Brakes voltage supply problems

    I got back to the UK a few days back, and yesterday I drove my S3 (its been sitting parked up for like 4 months now). I had to jump start it, but that was it. It was driving fine until I got next to my house when the warning light and ABS light switched on so I parked the car at the house and...
  8. Defratos


    I think I've just found Heaven: :hubbahubba:
  9. Defratos

    Anyone know where I'll find 7440 or T20 Chrome side repeaters in UK?

    I'll be in the UK next week and I wanted to pick up a set of these bulbs (The chrome one): BUT from the UK. Does anyone know where I'd find them? They have to be either 7440 (T20) or 7443. Better if they're 7440's. I need to get rid of that egg fried look in the...
  10. Defratos

    Welcome to MY FORUM!!

    So as "some" of you might have already realised, I'm hardly on here anymore (ever since moving and buying a another car). Another reason for me not being around here is because I've found the best forum in the world (no disrespect to, I loved this site since 2004 and I got a lot...
  11. Defratos

    Got to test drive the new RS6!!!

    So Thursday afternoon my cousin calls me up to say that Audi has invited him over to the race track (Jeddah Speedway) to test drive a few new cars. On offer were two new R8's a new A4 (I think it was a 3.2l) not sure and also they had 2 brand new RS6's!!!! Once black and one white. Well I...
  12. Defratos

    Car gets extremely jerky when doing U-turns

    Hi guys, just got back from KSA and my car hasn't been driven for like 6 months. Everything seems ok but there is this really weird problem I'm having, nearly always when doing a U-turn or a 180 degree turn the car starts to jerk really bad, it jerks back and forth until I've brought the car...
  13. Defratos

    Usain Bolt celebration video!!

    Very Funny
  14. Defratos

    Honda CBR1000RR I wanna make sweet love to you
  15. Defratos

    Computer Build Question

    Ok guys this is bit random but then again this is the OT Lounge so I'm hoping for some answers. Simple really. Currently I've built a computer with the below specs: Motherboard: ASUS M2N-VM DH SKT AM2 8 Channel Audio mATX CPU...
  16. Defratos

    Any Electricians out there? Need some help

    Ok guys I've got a few question, now what I've got is this (Below): And I need to change it with this: But I'm a bit unsure about which wires go where (see below): So anyone know what colour wires I need to change around? and no I haven't taken a picture of the wires behind...
  17. Defratos

    WTF guys no Inters pics????!!!!????

    Guys c'mon WTF nobody's posted pics from International GTI, you lazy *** sods, get off your ***** and post pics for those of us who couldn't make it!!!! damn it people !!!!:banghead:
  18. Defratos

    My new Ride *Pics*

    So as you can see I've gone for the Nissan Infinity G35, just picked her up yesterday and so far so good. I'm still in love with my Audi back in the good old UK but it's nice having a change. This has the same engine as the 350Z (although this is the new engine with dual intakes) pushing around...
  19. Defratos

    Why Does NO ONE have the 2008 A4?????

    I don't get it, how come no one has the new audi A4? I'm about to buy a car in the next couple of weeks and needed some feedback, but the forum seems empty, could I be the first member to buy the new A4????
  20. Defratos

    Where did the should box vanish to?

    Just wondering if it still exists because I can't seem to get to the page where its on, has someone moved it without telling me? :blink: