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  1. J

    Audi Recall ( all petrol engines)

    whats the recall number/code to quote to audi when phoning? cheers
  2. J

    Disadvantages of wide and staggered wheels??

    Looking at a set of 19 x 9 front and 19 x 10 rear wheels for my s3. Just wondered what the disadvantages there are of running such wide wheels? Also what tyre sizes would people recommend? If quite streched what are the disadvantages of this? Cheers
  3. J

    Rear window washer not working?

    really annoys me as im constantly looking out me back window so like it clean! and in this weather with the roads it gets filthy!
  4. J

    Rear window washer not working?

    as title, pump can be heard working, fronts work fine. Its not because its frozen! Thought i would ask on here if there are any common places where pipes come off or get blocked before i start looking?! many thanks
  5. J

    Front suspension question?

    just wondering whats the order the front shocks/springs should be fitted in? as in is it, shock,spring,bearing, top plate, nut, top mount rubber, car then the top cup and nut?? if that makes sense to anyone cheers
  6. J

    Nogaro Blue S3 with 18" black wheels! pics please!!

    few of mine! although unsure whether to go back to silver splits! [/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG] [/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]
  7. J

    Post pics of your A3/S3

    if someone could please resize my pics would be great. as i dont know how :(
  8. J

    Audi International Day

    Na there the same wheels I have on mine, there called cosmic and made in japan. May be selling them aswell, gloss black 19s. Pm me if interested. The car is stunning! Is it in air or just sat very low?! Also what size spacers do ppl think he's using? If there the same as mine there 7.5j and...
  9. J

    Steering noise??

    no it does in forward aswell only when goin slow? cheers for the reply
  10. J

    Steering noise??

  11. J

    Steering noise??

    Also I have checked the power steering level and seems ok
  12. J

    Steering noise??

    When reversing out my drive, I have a wining noise from slight steering. Any ideas? Car is also lowered on coilovers
  13. J

    Front s3 suspension question asap please!

    anyone?! just want to make sure im doing it right!!
  14. J

    Front s3 suspension question asap please!

    Fitting coilovers should I have the nut on the strut above or below the top mount bearing? Sagar order should it be in? Cheers
  15. J

    10F 15R Wheel Spacers

    troopa what size are your wheels and you running coilovers? do you get any rubbing issues? cheers
  16. J

    which uprated dampers??

    ye have heard good things about them but where from and how much?!
  17. J

    which uprated dampers??

    i currently have coilovers fitted to the car but am thinking of goin down the uprated dampers and maybe just 40mm spring so ride isnt so hard! what sets ups do people have and where from and how much they cost of you dont mind me asking? cant seem to find many uprated damper for the s3 cheers
  18. J

    Would any front suspension bushes being worn cause dry steering noise?

    as above, i think some of my bushes are on there way out as terrible squeaking noises and bit clunky. any ideas which to go for replacing first?? also noticed my steering is prettyu noisy when dry/slow speed turning? what could cause this? i have checked fluid level and seems ok? many thanks
  19. J

    Knock/rattling problem solving day tomoz!

    Right I've got the day off tomoz, and as I have some very annoying knocks and rattles going to try and find them! Wondered if you guys maybe able to give me some pointers where to look! 1. Annoying more of a squeaking sound coming from offside rear, whilst driving slowish over uneven...
  20. J

    alloys 5x100 to 5x112 what size adaptors??

    as above, just bought a set of 5x112 alloys for my s3, 7.5j et 54. obviously i need to get pcd adaptors to fit them on my 5 x 100 but what thickness? im not very good with the et's of wheels! would like a nice stance but with no issues cheers