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  1. essIII

    Standard S3 suspension worth anything?

    So the S3 ended up being part-ex'd in a bit of a hurry; I never got around to removing the H&R springs and dampers. The stock S3 springs and dampers are sat at my parent's house, and I'm wondering whether it's worth the effort driving there to pick them up and sell them. So in short, would OEM...
  2. essIII

    Departing, for now!

    Long time lurker, occasional poster, bidding goodbye to the 8P forums, and ASN for now. This place has been a huge source of help over the years, as well as an exceptionally bad influence on my wallet. Thanks to all! I've just traded my S3 for the controversial looking M135i. Out. In.
  3. essIII

    PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) Possible on this?

    All, I've had this dent on the roof of my S3 for too long now! I'd kind of written it off as too expensive to bother repairing, but it does make me cry a little each time I was the car! Having read a bit about PDR recently, I was wondering if anyone with any experience thought it might be...
  4. essIII

    TTS Engine cover

    Hi Dave, Can you quote me on a TTS engine cover for my S3? I believe that part numbers are: 06F103925J cover 06E103164 Front mount WHT000731A Rear screw mount (x2) Cheers, Rich
  5. essIII

    Sprint Blue Spring Clean, Polish, H&Rs, BBS VZs, WALK

    I'm not normally one to show off pics of my car, but I'm so chuffed with how she looks today that I thought I'd put a couple up! In the last 2 weeks me & my bro have installed the H&R Cup Kit (springs and dampers), WALK Kit and my new summer wheels - BBS VZs. I also finally got around to trying...
  6. essIII

    Bushes to replace when getting S3 clutch changed

    Hi All, I picked up a Sachs performance clutch kit, oem release bearing and LUK DMF last night (thanks Juan) and will be looking to get this installed asap as Stage 2 is currently eating my oem clutch. I was hoping you guys would know which parts are typically removed to access the...