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  1. Audiaudi

    Head Gasket Question - Oil In coolant

    Just trying to verify that the head gasket has gone we have had the oil cooler checked and there seems to be no leaks. Is there anything else that can be done before opening the head to check? Further to this if its the head gasket is there and way to determine if the top end or bottom end is...
  2. Audiaudi

    Audi 2.5 tdi auto box kick down

    On slowing down or coming to a standstill the car jerks as the gears kickdown. Seems to be a lag. Im not sure what controls the autobox and how this problem maybe resolved.
  3. Audiaudi

    Audi A4 2.5 Tdi snarling 2003

    Hi All I have a snarling noise happens every 4 seconds and the engine is shaking the car you can feel it mostly at idle. Any idea would be appreciated I have a vidii see attached
  4. Audiaudi

    Audi 2.5tdi shake on idle and at 70 85mph

    Hi All I have a rough running audi tdi 2.5 on idle and at 70mph to 85mph and would like some clarification. The cars mounting are all fine this is a purely a running issue with the engine. Some of the suggestions are as follows: 1) actuator 2) Injector blocked 3) Wiring loom??? Any help...
  5. Audiaudi

    Audi a4 2.5 tdi loosing power on long journey

    I love my Audi but this is becoming a pain after a long journey the car looses power foot to the floor although it revs high no movement of the car. I had two codes come up one was voltage too high on MAF so replaced and that fixed the management light but the symptoms above we're the same...