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    part no.

    It may still be the bumper from a S4 cabriolet , you need to see the side profile of the fog light grille cut outs.
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    ASN Classifieds

    agreed, x3 from me. also for some reason, when scrolling down on the 2nd pagte of adverts mine loses the ability to go to any further pages??, ie the adverts finish part waty through the advertising and the next/choose page counter is not seen.
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    Hi there fella i am interested in one of your BAM ecu's. my number is 07967346199. i'd like...

    Hi there fella i am interested in one of your BAM ecu's. my number is 07967346199. i'd like to have a quick chat about them, if you want me to ring you thats fine, just let me know your number. text me?? regards Graeme
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    MY Brown A4

    That just looks "So good!" I don't suppose you have the pat numbers to hand for the black top and bottom center grilles?? Are they the S4 equivalents? Mak
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    Quattro question

    I run 8.5" and 9" on mine and there are no issues. thats with the same size tyre allround Are the tyres you are running new? or part worn as some part worns tyres have tread blocking, ie uneven tyre wear!
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    2.0 FSI A4 Avant - Keep and repair, or cut my losses and run?

    I'd be keeping it, do the maintenance in dribs and drabs. Brake hoses are consumables, i expect to replace them on mine this mot time, they aint expensive! And as the guy above said, don't worry too much about it until it fails an MOT, fix what you need to!
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    Can I fit red LEDs to this?

    sunroof switch isnt it! the grill is where the phone mic goes
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    Tdi exhaust mod on GMBH rear bumper?

    what about looking on ebay for the twin cutout lower spec rear bumper?? These lower sections with the twin cutout are available quite cheap and may provide the cheap fix you're after for now??
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    Hi, help needed near Keighley

    Hahahahaha, not the keighley trade center!!!, do as everybody says fella, walk away!! I used to live just down the road from them, bad news. I'm in skipton north yorks so if you need vcds just drop me a pm Mak
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    B6 GMBH/ S-line kit

    Door blades fetch £250 Front bumper complete with grilles and fogs will fetch £250-£300 Rear bumper lower section retail at about £140 ish + vat + painting I may know of a set going on ebay soon, is yours the saloon or avant and what colour? Oh and definately AP for the suspension, i...
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    Poor MPG help

    I have never had better than 43mpg on the DIS but mine is a 1.9tdi Quattro sport avant so a little heavier.
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    1.8T Mileage

    Whats the realtime mpg out of your 1.8TQ's?? I have the 1.9tdi Q sport so interested in a comparison. Mine averages 42mpg over a full tank with all types of driving, whats yours do?? Mak
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    Hi there woorlord we've spoken before about upgrades/retrofits on Audi A4's nand i was just...

    Hi there woorlord we've spoken before about upgrades/retrofits on Audi A4's nand i was just diging through some of your replies on the forum and noticed that you had the comfort control unit with part number 8E0 907 279 B and that it supports the headlight washer jet function, could you tell me...
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    2.0 tdi hesitation/stutter between 1400-2000rpm

    I've owned 3 cars to date with this engine in. 1st Mk5 golf gttdi 2nd A3 tdi QS 3rd Chrysler Jeep Patriot Only on the 3rd car have i had this issue and i decided to dig into it today, first checking all vac connections and electrical plugs. whilst checking the vac connections i came...
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    Raceland coilovers

    Over the years i've had coilovers on most things. The AP's were fitted to :- Audi A4 QSA VW Golf mk5 VW Passat est (2004) The Weitecs were fitted to:- VW Passat est (2000) The JOM's were fitted to:- Mk1 and Mk2 Golf GTi's The Racelands were fitted to:- Mk2 Golf Gti KW V1...
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    Raceland coilovers

    I currently run a set of the AP coilovers on my B6 tdi Quattro sport avant and i honestly do rate this suspension, they are made in the same factory as Weitec and KW and go through the same quality control system as them also. I have run AP on the last 3 cars, all performed impeccably and...
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    Crumball Rally fund raiser, help help help! please!!

    Only 9 days to go till the rally starts!!!, woohoo, can't wait, c'mon guys, dig deep for a couple of very worthy causes. Cheers all
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    Crumball Rally fund raiser, help help help! please!!

    If you text crum66 £5 to 70070 then £5 will be donated to MS society If you text crum67 £5 to 70070 then £5 will be donated to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance You can also gift aid the donation at the time of texting too, hence raising more!! Obviously you can donate £1 or £10 or whatever you...
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    Crumball Rally fund raiser, help help help! please!!

    You can now donate by text text crum66 £1 to 70070 and help a worthy cause. you can text more if you wish, up to you entirely, no pressure! I know a guy with MS and he's suffering, i'd like to feel like i'm helping him, help me help him guys Taa Graeme