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  1. liam

    APR Aust project S3

    Thought you guys might appreciate this... ...looks "interesting". :eyebrows:
  2. liam

    OPTICAN ECU tuning

    Anyone here ever heard of this product?
  3. liam

    MY10 S3 heading Down Under!

    I finalised the order on my S3 today. :yahoo: Looking at a late April build, for a late June, early July delivery (with any luck). Ibis White RNS-E Sunroof FBMFSW Heated Seats Blackout grille :racer: EDIT: I pushed my original build date (week 19) back (to week 23) to get an MY10 build...
  4. liam

    So I thought I'd test a 135i just in case...

    ...but it turned out I had already made the right choice. :idea: Cheers Liam
  5. liam

    Some Ur-Quattro loving! - Past master: Audi Ur-Quattro :beerchug:
  6. liam

    OEM offset on 18" S3 rims

    Can somebody please tell me what the OEM offset is on 18" 8P S3 rims. :beerchug: Thanks for the answers which are 18x7.5 ET54.
  7. liam

    Extra functions/hidden menu via climate control?

    On our Mk5 GTI (and the Mk4 prior) you can access a series of hidden function via the climate control. You can read more about it here, but the stuff able to be accessed is oil pressure, oil temp*, uncorrected speed, corrected speed and so on (there's heaps of stuff, not all of it useful mind)...
  8. liam

    About to option/order S3 - a couple of questions please

    I'm about to turn my 2004 MINI Cooper S into an S3 Coupé and I just have a couple of n00b questions on some of the options. Adaptive headlights I've had a brief go in an RS4 which had these fitted and on twisty roads they seemed to work quite well. But are they worth the extra money (AU$850) or...