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    No more Revo

    We have been cleaning up our dealer network to make sure we have only the best dealers out there, which means certain people that are no longer dealers might be spreading miss-truths. Have a look at: Performance360 | VAG Performance Specialists the guys there will be able to help you out. As...
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    Revo Stage 2 Question

    You can run a FMIC and/or watermeth. Water on it's own isn't going to do that much, and being realistic water/meth isn't a fit and forget as you have to make sure you always have the correct mixture for your setup otherwise you'll end up damaging something!
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    Revo remaped ecu in to my a3 1.8 agu

    You're relatively lucky as with the later ECU's Revo maps are linked to the VIN in the car, so you can't swap ECU's around... when you do and the ECU is coded to the car you lose any Revo code. On the M5 ECU they can be swapped, however I'd imagine it's coded to 'Stock' and the software needs to...
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    Replacement Turbo S3

    So you're all aware Chipped UK are not a Revo dealer and do not have access to any legitimate Revo software. There are many companies that 'claim' to have Revo software, it's very unlikely that what they tried on your car was anything to do with Revo.
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    remaps...whos the best?

    Just so you're aware with Revo you can actually set it up to run either characturistic... lower boost, higher timing will give you a smooth progressive drive, higher boost, lower timing will give you more of a kick!
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    HELP PLS!!!! Just had the 5hr revo trial..

    A faulty coolant temp sensor can cause the following: rough running at idle engine running rich cold start issues low fuel economy So I would imagine there has been a difference to the way the car drives!
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    APR or REVO

    Hi Dave, it's very unfortunate that you feel this way. If you'd like to give us a call in the office next week we're on 01327 301 901. Let us know where you had the trial put on. The sensor issue isn't (cannot be) related to the software, and the stories you've been hearing about trial...
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    REVO settings using a SPS 3

    Have you checked the condition of your plugs? There are numerous possibles for the candidate: a vac. leak, N249 valve, or a boost leak would be the comman ones to look for. You could test the N249 by running a vac line from the intake manifold directly to the DV (bypassing the N249), you'd want...
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    Boost Problem

    If it were the boost pipe collapsing you'd feel the car boost up then it would tail off but make a fair amount of noise as the turbo is still trying to suck the air through the collapsed hose. It doesn't sound as though you're experiencing that though... sounds like you should drop into your...
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    Boost Problem

    That's about right for a stock car 0.8 - 0.9 bar stock.
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    Boost Problem

    Yep, pipe from airbox to turbo is called the turbo intake (or inlet) pipe... i.e. TIP So you can't get into the measuring blocks then? Have you tried your VAGCom on someone else's car, is it using a proper VAGCom cable?
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    Boost Problem

    Unless the airbox is open! ;)
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    Boost Problem

    Are you sure the turbo intake pipe isn't being sucked in and collapsing? If you have access to VAGCom you can monitor the requested and actual boost values and you could see the boost not meeting and dropping off as the pipe collapses. When this happens the noise is pronounced as the turbo is...
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    REVO settings using a SPS 3

    S3izzo, unless you're running too much timing it's unlikely to be related to settings... possibly plugs though! CycleSi, the fuel setting is only applicable on the later TFSI, higher spec normally aspirated and Porsche applications. It doesn't do anything on 1.8t cars, doesn't matter where you...
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    REVO settings using a SPS 3

    Hey guys, so you're aware you only have Boost and Timing adjustability on your cars. The A/F isn't adjustable. So CycleSi you'll be running B6, T6. Revo remaps don't overfuel, if your car is overfuelling it's likely you've an issue with a leak or faulty lambda probe. Have you actually set the...
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    Tempory loss of boost? Help!!!

    It sounds as though the N75 valve is gone, or theres a boost leak somewhere... boost leak would probably be there all the time though. Faulty MAF would give you low power all the time and normally inconsistant power delivery.