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  1. Steve Barratt

    2013 mk2 TT grille swap

    I have a black edition amplified pick and am looking to swap out the front grille. Does anyone know categorically if the bumper needs to come off or not? Has anyone actually done it Seems to be varying info available
  2. Steve Barratt

    Fans run after switching off 2.0tdi

    Got a 2013 2.9tdi mk2 TT today, noticed it ran the fans for quite some time after turning off and locking. Is this normal?!
  3. Steve Barratt

    New from Northampton

    hi, just brought a 2013 TT 2.0tdi black amplified Daytona grey pearl. Looking for remap and any suggested simple subtle mods? What sort of gains will I get from a map?