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  1. J

    swapping the ko3 for a t28!

    well, as above really. i should be picking up a t28 this week. its done low miles, and bolted on to a nissan 200sx s13! :D its fully stage 1 at the minute running just over 225bhp.. its got all parts to make stage 2 in the boot! should be around 280bhp after a days work on it (first job the...
  2. J

    anyone feeling nice?

    hey people! having a problem with TQS, its getting worst and worst. i suspect its the N75valve playing up. due to a sump smash last week im not in a good posistion to just order one and try it.. does anyone have a spare or is any one local to me to let me try it? as said, its a tight month.. but...
  3. J

    what could it be?

    hey people! been getting fed up of my air con/climate control not blowing cold. especialy in this heat! so today, i checked the gas (expecting it too be low) but it had plenty of gas in it! no leaks etc.. but the compressor does not kick in? is there a fuse or anything protecting the air...
  4. J

    back box options..

    looking for a little sound from my exhaust. i will be going fully custom when the car is done but for now im just going to buy a backbox. there is one selling at the minute, its off the normal 1.8t.. will it fit my quattro or are the pipes different? mountings etc? cheers jamie
  5. J

    matt/satin black..

    after a google search it only bought up one small picture of a 8L in satin.. i know there is one on here thats up for sale.. but anyone have anymore pictures off matt/satin/flat black 8Ls?
  6. J

    GOD DAMN! broken it! anyone got a spare sump? :D

    well, eventfull night.. cut a long story short... hit a huge dip with raised drain and smashed sump to bits! at a quick look its only the sump thats damaged so... where is the best place to get one from? AJQ engine. talk to me in £££'s please? guess its just bolt off/on job like normal...
  7. J

    wheel fitment..

    subaru wheels! has anyone fitted them? i know of a real nice set of wheels for sale from a scooby! there 16" x 7" wheels with an ET 50 offset and 5 x 100mm. after a quick google search it will be 73.1 bore so i will need 73.1 - 57.1 spiggot rings? am i correct? also, what will they fit...
  8. J

    a3 on pepperpots

    had anyone got any pics of an a3 on pepperpots (15's) also, will they go over TQS brakes? cheers
  9. J

    lets see what a standard TQS can do..

    as above. trackday today! totally standard apart from stripped, DV30, N249 bypass and drilled air box! going to be fun lol on pirelli p6000 tyres too which seem to make this car understeer like mad! lol
  10. J

    throttle cable conversion..

    is there any way i can change to cable throttle? cheers :)
  11. J

    what tools are needed?

    as above, whats tools will i need for fitting the dogmount bushes? i need to bring them home from work so i can fit it tonight :) i have no tools here at all so everything please :)
  12. J

    mounting tow straps...

    as above.. i idealy want it coming through the grill! where have the "track people" amoung you bolted yours? :)
  13. J

    A3/S3 Track car...

    Has anyone done this? im starting to do this to mine, i will be entering quite a few races and i noticed on the "list of recommended cars" the A3/S3 isnt on there! so i have to make an application to have the car considered! so going by that, a guess there not that common on the track...
  14. J

    Japspeed drift Impreza stolen!

    suprised its not been posted yet, but im following closely and talking to a few guys involved in the search.. but yesterday at around 18.30 from santa pod at the PVS show! 2 guys just got in the car and drove off straight out the gates! guys were describes as.. one asian male, cap. around...
  15. J

    has anyone ever been brave with the cars?

    as above, anyone done anything different? thought stuff the usual way of modding things? my old polo.. i took that to the next level of modding and some people hate it, but most people loved it! o how i loved being low... and yes... it was a daily driver! lol...
  16. J

    wheels for track...

    hey people, looking for some track wheels.. not looking to spend crazy money though! has anyone fitted 15's to an a3? or is 16 about the smallest you can go? any pics of the wheels you use would be great :) cheers
  17. J

    worth an ask..

    im not too fussed by this, but thought its worth an ask! SOMETIMES... my car (a3 TQS - AJQ engine) will hesitate.. its only if im in say 3rd or higher gear at lower speeds pulling.. its really hard to explain but.. when it does it.. it pulls ALOT harder and faster than normal. then drops...
  18. J

    standard TQS wheels?

    as above.. any one got sizes for them if possible? are they 5x110 or 112? what width etc would be great too :)
  19. J

    A3 Quattro 1.8t 180bhp..

    as above.. where is the cat on one of these? i cant find a decat online anywhere they only seem to list one for an S3 which i beleive wont fit? anyone have a pic of a standard cat? im thinking of knocking the insides out of mine! lol depends what there like.. thanks
  20. J

    launch control..

    can get the kits for around 150pounds.. anyone have one fitted on here? idealy on a a3 quattro ;)