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    B6 L.E.D lights

    Hey guys, was just curious into finding out if you can actually get head lights which have the l.e.d bulbs built in?? im thinking of doing this mod by buying the l.e.d strips as ive been told their cheap but thought if head lights for a4 b6 are actually made with them already fitted? Cheers...
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    B6 s line kit wanted!

    Hey guys i have a b6 a4 2001 in sky blue swordfish colour, looking for a s line kit, if anyone breaking or selling can you please get back to me. cheers. Jace
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    hey there

    Hey Guys, Just new on the forum as Ive just bought my first audi! its a 2001 A4 T sport 20v in swordfish blue. I am quite pleased with it. I would like to learn more about this car and find out how I can get some mods done on it , so I hope you guys can help me. As the car doesnt have no...