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  1. sukrw

    Stoplock Pro Steering Wheel Lock fit TT MK2?

    Hi all, Anyone got a Stoplock Pro Steering wheel lock fitted on their MK2 TT? Just wanting to know if they fit the steering wheel ok or not being a flat bottom wheel and rather chunky? I will go to Halfords to try one but just wondering if anyone uses one and can say yes/no to the fitting...
  2. sukrw

    MK2 TT Search - TDI or TFSI?

    Hi guys I'm on the hunt for another TT. Used to have 2008 TTS a bit ago and loved it. Then moved to S3 2013 and loved that but it's gone. So, looking for another TT but unsure if diesel or petrol this time. Looking around 2013 model with STronic. Don't do a lot of miles, 9000 approx so it's...
  3. sukrw

    Rear bike rack S3??

    Hi peeps, Has anyone managed to get a bike rack on the rear of their S3 at all? Trying to find one that might fit. Car is a 3 door hatch S3 2013 model. Looking for a 2 or 3 bike carrier. Don't have roof rails so I'm guessing roof mounted is not a retro fit option? Cheers Ro
  4. sukrw

    Wheel swap/tyres and ALL the warnings!

    Hi guys, Just thought I would run this by to see if anyone has had this before. Yesterday, rear tyres were low so had new tyres fitted and also asked the fitter to swap the rear wheels with the front wheels so the new rubber on the front (I have my reasons). When I then came to drive the car...
  5. sukrw

    USB mmi dongle

    hi guys When I plug in a 32GB USB pen into the car via MMI cable it comes up as unrecognised and won't access it. It's formatted as FAT. I have tried wiping the pen/dongle and just putting 1 album of songs on it and still no joy. It once allowed it and I could play the songs and after a power...
  6. sukrw

    A3/S3 bonnets same?

    Anyone know if the A3 8v bonnet is the same across the entire range? I.e. will for example an A3 TDI bonnet fit the S3? Just wondering if I can find a 8v bonnet in the right colour/condition if it will fit the S3 If anyone knows...? Thank you
  7. sukrw

    Stone Chips: ReSpray, Wrap or Full Wrap?

    Hi guys, Just wanted to see on opinions: I have an Audi S3 8V 2013 in Estoril Blue - it was not my first choice in colour but the car/spec/price/availability were correct. Only had it 2 months and when I bought it I didn't realise how stone chipped the bonnet and front bumper is. There is the...
  8. sukrw

    Noise on window going down, normal?

    Hi guys, my 2013 S3 3 door: on the window going down it makes a slight clunking noise from the mechanicals inside the door as the window lowers. Doesn't fail to go down and doesn't change speed, just makes an odd noise. On the window going up, no noise. So I tried the passenger window and this...
  9. sukrw

    Full Car Wrap anyone?

    Hi guys, Anyone of you guys had and experience of getting your car fully wrapped? or had it done? I know it is very popular these days but was just trying to get a feel on how "good" it is, how it lasts and costs etc. I know that will vary depending on who applies it and what materials etc...
  10. sukrw

    Audi Pre-Sense Distance Alert

    Hi Guys, Anyone know what this is, got a big red alert on the display by the speedo/rev counter saying "Audi Pre-Sense Distance" and the ACC symbol when red. I wasn't near any other cars but was going through a canopy of trees cover and ACC wasn't engaged at the time. Was the car just getting...
  11. sukrw

    Your thoughts on extended warranty on 30 month old car?

    Hi Guys, Got myself an S3 (late 2013) couple weeks ago. It does have the STronic gearbox and has currently done 30,000 miles. I usually keep cars about 3 years and do approx 10,000 per year. I LOVE IT! Bought from main dealer so I have a full dealer 12 months warranty with it. Was wondering...
  12. sukrw

    Sat Nav on Roads Not On Map?

    Hi Guys, Is this normal? Driving along with the Map on the display and all is fine - the little arrow follows my journey correctly. When I drive along a road that is not yet on the maps (new road network by a super market) the sat nav throws a wobble and I find it is driving through a field -...
  13. sukrw

    Auto Stop Slow Speed Crash?

    Hi guys, Do Audi do that slow speed anti-crash system on their cars e.g. crawling behind a car at an island and you think the car in front has gone but you are looking right and then you hit the back of the car in front. I know some manufacturers have a system where it can detect a slow speed...
  14. sukrw

    Aftermarket S3 Exhaust Tips?

    Hi Guys, Anyone recommend or has bought aftermarket exhaust tips for their S3? Mine are in a terrible state, the outside has gone a "milky" finish - I'm guessing the previous owner or Audi used some sort of "oven cleaner" product on them and they have gone "odd". No matter how much metal...
  15. sukrw

    Sat Nav no satellites - Common?

    Hi, Driving home last night my satnav hadn't got a scooby where I was - showed me driving over fields 10 miles from where I was. Checked the satellite count and it was at 0. Wasn't following any route/directions - just had the map on the display. Is this common? Driving into work this morning...
  16. sukrw

    Start/Stop/No Engine Restart - STronic

    Hi guys, Just picked up an S3 2013, yes loving the car, return to Audi after a 6 week departure to BMW - but I'm back! Quick question - pulled up at the top of my drive yesterday, pulled to a stop to let the girlfriend out, the car went into stop mode engine cut out and green A symbol on the...
  17. sukrw

    Downshift on STronic sometimes ignored?

    Hi all, Quick question to see if this is "common" or if there might be a fault. I have a 2008 TTS with the STronic gearbox and recently I have noticed, when driving in full Manual mode and just using the paddle shifters, occasionally when clicking the downshift it doesn't actually downshift...
  18. sukrw

    tts remap worth it?

    Hi guys, Sorry renal is remap. Damn auto correct!!! Thinking of getting Celtic tuning to remap my stock tts 2008 auto. They say it will go from 268bhp to 312bhp. Can you really notice the change? Is it worth the 300 quid? I know the car is fairly nippy already but can you really tell the...
  19. sukrw

    Slight blue smoke on startup parked downhill!?!?

    Hi Guys and the knowledge, Got myself a TTS 2008 auto with all the trimmings, had it for almost 2 years now. I park the car on my drive which is quite steep (car points downhill on drive overnight). When i start the car, there is some blue smoke in the vapours on first start up. Is this ok...
  20. sukrw

    Fluid Leak On Drive Maybe Green Colour!!?? What Is It??

    Hi guys, Can someone help? I have noticed some drips on the driveway coming from my car that looks like oil drips but I'm confused. Car is audi TTS 2008. The drips look like they are very near the front of the car from the centre. I cannot see any oil type leaks on the underside of the car...