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  1. Felon

    Bye Bye S3

    Hi everyone I'm afraid the time has come to say cheerio to my S3. It's been a blast and in many ways I'm sorry to see her go. But go she must! I'm off to AMG - got a C55 on it's way. Haven't actually decided what to do with the S3 but expect to see it on Pistonheads etc soon. Good luck to...
  2. Felon

    Loose external trim

    Hi everyone The grey plastic trim at the base of the wing behind the driver's door is loose. I'm sure you all know which bit of trim I'm referring to but just in case, here's a pic (sorry about the unecessarily large size - couldn't work out how to make it smaller): I've had a good look at it...
  3. Felon

    Yaw sensor cost

    Guys - esp light was coming on every so often so took it down to Audi who said that the yaw sensor needs replacing. They quoted £600 for the job all in. That's a load of cash for a sensor - I just need to know from anyone here if that's about right... any ideas? Ta Felon
  4. Felon

    Diecast model Audi S3

    Anyone know if such a thing exists? No joy on the interweb thingy... Felon
  5. Felon

    Engine Speed Sensor Fault code 16706

    Guys - had problems starting my S3 today after a long trip. The problem is well documented elsewhere on this and other forums in ASNet but the guy from VAG Assist said that it was a pig to fix. I'm no DIYer unfortunately, so what can I expect from the dealer cost wise... anyone any idea??? Ta...
  6. Felon

    Tyre Question

    My S3 has Kumho ECSTA KH11 225/45R17s on all 4 corners. No, I haven't come across them before either, but to be fair, they've been fine... They were new on the car when I bought it but now I think it's about time I looked at alternatives - they're wearing fine and the ride they give is ok but...
  7. Felon

    Squeaky Front Seat

    Hi everyone Quick question: the plastic moulding on the rear of my front driver's side recaro is squeaking continously and driving me nuts... The passenger seat is fine. As you look at the seat from the driver's open door the guilty trim is at the rear. If you press on it whilst squeaking, it...
  8. Felon

    New discs and pads front and back

    Need to get this done ASAP. Anyone got any ideas on what I can expect cost wise? Ta
  9. Felon

    The Buffalo Theory

    One afternoon at Cheers, Cliff Clavin explained the Buffalo Theory to his buddy Norm. Here's how it went: 'Well ya see, Norm, it's like this... A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo. And when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back that are...
  10. Felon

    Happy Christmas...

    Just thought I'd wish everyone a merry crimbo... I'm off to sunnier climes for a few weeks while you lot freeze yr nuts off here in Blighty! And all the best for 2008!!!! Cheers...
  11. Felon

    Intermittent turbo?

    Ok - like a good boy I have read the FAQs and done a search but none seem to describe what I experienced this morning. Drove off from cold and it was clear I was driving a normally aspirated 1.8. No drama, no fuss, no turbo. Got to where I was going about 5 miles away and left the car for 5...
  12. Felon

    Cupholder lighting question

    Sorry - I'm a bit of a perfectionist... When you turn the side or main lights on, the dash glows a nice comfy red... we all know that. But in my S3, the cupholder icon does not glow. Is this right? Or should it glow red like everything else? Ta
  13. Felon

    S3 or not S3 - that is the question

    Seen for sale on Ebay Surely not??
  14. Felon

    Custom Code Phase 1 at Storm Developments today – REVIEW

    Arrived 915 am. Miles (who did the work) plugged his kit in and got on with it. There was a slight problem with my battery not producing enough of a charge to complete the download of my ECU code – but otherwise everything went exactly to plan. The job was done by 11 am and after a quick test...
  15. Felon

    Q for Grathies

    Hi - just registered... I am off to JKM Motorsport in Portsmouth on Wednesday to get my S3 revo'd. Noticed you lived in Portsmouth and wondered if you knew them. I'm in Chandler's Ford and have been looking for a local tuner for a while. Or any other recommends in the area? Cheers Felon