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    Car going on limp mode (P0113 P0103, P0101)

    Hi everyone Can anyone please advise how to sort out this issue. I got an Ausi 1.8 2007 DSG, no cat S3 injectors S3 turbo(K04) Ramair induction kit Brand new spark plugs Yet I keep having an intermittent fault that points out some issue with MAF. I am concerned that if I buy a brand new MAF...
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    Maximum boost K04-0064 on A3 (Help please!)

    Hi, I read loads of threads asking about whats the maximum boost I could run on my A3. The issue is that I own a 1.8tfsi 2007 (chain, not belt) DSG (FWD)version which no one seem to have it. Lets talk about the mods i got: - Straight pipe, downpipe 3" all the way -K04-0064 off a S3 - Big ***...
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    Injectors upgrade HELP please

    Hello Everyone, I have an Audi A3 2007 1.8T DSG. I recently upgraded the turbo to K04, manifold, straight pipe 3" all the way, K&N Cold air intake and intercooler. I also have a Autotech high pressure fuel pump that it has not been installed yet. I am looking for a good injector since the stock...
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    AUDI A3 8P Project - ADVICE PLEASE

    Hello guys, I have an Audi A3 2007, DSG 1.8T FWD MODS: - K04 turbo from Audi TT 225 -Front mount intercooler - Autotech high pressure fuel pump, -No exhaust system (Decat, with no silencers), just like a track car - TwinTake Ramair - S3 front brakes - Coilovers The car is pushing roughly 300...
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    Would the S3 (2016) break fits an A3 (2007) 8p?

    I got offered S3 breaks from a 2016 model Would it fit my A3 2007? Thank you
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    Rear Bumpers issue (HELP)

    Hello Everyone, About a year ago I bought a whole new bodykit off ebay (from Germany) and the rear bumper does not fit properly. I took to my mechanic and he told me the clips I have in my car are too small. The bumper fits it but it doesn't look that good because there are gaps around the...
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    Sports silencer?

    Hi all, I recently changed the whole exhaust system to a 3", de-cat, with NO silencers. The problem I have it that it is very loud, and when I had 1 mid silencer before it was too quiet and it was not a big one (hence why I removed it). Is there a some sort of sports silencer/muffler, that...
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    Injectors/fuel pump upgrade needed?

    Hello Everyone, I have an Audi A3 2007 1.8T DSG. I recently upgraded the turbo to K04, manifold, straight pipe 3" all the way, K&N Cold air intake and intercooler. My question is, do I need to upgrade the injectors and/or fuel pump? The car is pushing around 320 Bhp, I will put on a rolling...
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    Max torque (and BHP) the engine can pull? Advice

    Hello All, I have a Car: Audi A3 1.8 TFSI (FWD) DSG Mods: K04, aftermarket intercooler (Black editions front mount intercooler kit FMIC), K&N cool air intake, forge DV, decat exhaust. all standard internals. My question is how much can I push it and not blow up the engine or bend the rods?
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    How to increase BHP and keep it at low costs?

    Hello Everyone, I have an Audi A3 1.8 TFSI Automatic transmission. I would like to get my car to get more power and keep the costs low. I have remapped my car already, changed the exaust (de-cat) and installed an induction kit (K&N). I read that I would need to change spark plugs and fuel...
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    OEM White Noise Radio fault

    Hello everyone, basically I got a new stereo installed on my Audi A3 2007, its a Pumpkin one, it makes white noise when I turn on the headlights, and its really annoying, plus when I press the gas it makes a little whistle which adds to the white noise and it is doing my head in. I tried...