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  1. longp2

    Winter wheels for sale

    Hi, it's that time of year again when everyone is thinking about winter so I thought I'd sell my winter wheels. For anyone in the market I have posted the details in the classified section. Thanks.
  2. longp2

    Winter wheels, worth it?

    There's bound to be plenty of posts on winter tyres this year so I thought I'd start one by asking how many of you are going to be using them this year? My last car, Octavia vrs, was useless in the snow so I'd imagine that the any A4 on 18s or larger would be just as bad meaning that a good set...
  3. longp2

    ipod album artwork.

    I have a 2012 S4 with the tech pack high, when i have my ipod running it shows all trac and artist info but where the artwork should be there is just a box with a music octave (i think that's he name for it) symbol inside. Is it possible to get the artwork on the screen? Thanks in advance.
  4. longp2


    One word - Brilliant.
  5. longp2

    My New S4 Avant

    I pick up my new S4 on Tuesday
  6. longp2

    Audi complete

    Just looking for some opinions on Audi complete. I will be taking delivery of my S4 on May 1st and I am going to Purchase the 5 year warranty with it at a cost of £905. I have been mulling over the possibility of getting the Complete package which covers everything bar Insurance and tax for 3...
  7. longp2

    Audi S4 red/black sports seats photos

    Hi All, Does anyone on here own an S4 with the red/black nappa sport seats? If so would it be possible to post some pics. I fancy them in my new car (along with monsoon grey paint) but have yet to see them in the flesh so I may just have to make do with some photos. Also, does anyone know...
  8. longp2

    Tech pack high - question

    Hi all, Having sold my B7 S4 Avant 18 months ago (cried a bit!) I am now planning to order a B8 S4 Avant in the next few months. Could someone in the know tell me if you get the Ipod leads when you order the tech pack high with the AMI Thanks in advance. Paul