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    For Sale Audi S3 Sprint Blue - 66k miles - Thousands spent in last 2 months

    Selling my S3, it's just not for me. Going back to BMW I'm afraid. Excellent car but I just haven't clicked with it. Look through my posts on here to see I've attacked the car with a no expense spared attitude. Every single item on the "S3 8P preventative maintenance" thread has been covered...
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    Audi S3 8P - recommendations for rear trailing arm bush upgrade?

    As the title. Got S3 back from service, only things they picked out that require addressing are front console bushes and rear trailing arm bushes are ready for renewal. Got super pro anti lift kit ordered, really impressed with that on my mrs Mk5 Gti. Anyone got any advice for RTAs? I see...
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    Were front heated seats standard on the Facelift A5 S Line?

    As title? I thought i'd found a set of seats to retrofit into my S3 but the breaker is saying they aren't heated... yet literature I can find online suggested it was standard! Anyone confirm or deny?
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    Sprint Blue Pre-facelift S3 Project

    So as i've already stated in other threads i've bought a 2007 Sprint Blue S3 3 door hatch... It was all very spur of the moment as I had an offer on my car (BMW 135i Coupe) that I couldn't refuse so went for it.. After a bit of research and googling I was set on an S3, a car i'd almost most a...
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    Final decision made on S3 8P handling mods

    After much reading and advice from various sources and people in the know I've come to a decision on my chassis/handling mod package with which i'm targeting a firmer ride, significantly improved handling but not the awful crashy ride! All the mechanical bits, servicing, every fluid on the car...
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    OE manufacturer of S3 rear lights

    looking to get some facelift rear lights for my 07 S3, and I’m finding they are all magneti marelli, is that the OE manufacturer? They have them in stock at Eurowagens and ECP.. new set for roughly same price as a decent pre-owned set from a breakers.. Also are A3 lights any different to S3...
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    The strangest thing....

    I noticed just now a week into owning my S3, don’t ask me how it’s taken this long... the front and rear seats are different As in the fronts are the dotted pattern the rears are smooth leather.. both black leather. Wtf?!? Been racking my brains trying to figure out what could possibly have...
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    What are the standard 18” prefacelift wheels called?

    as per the title, what are they called? Gonna be selling mine in the next week or so and need to know what to list them as
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    S3 8P - combining big jobs to save labour

    So, My car is booked into my local Audi specialist for the following work: - Engine oil/filter - Full haldex service (diff/gearbox/transfer box oils + filter) - Brake fluid change - Wheel bearing change - Cam follower change - Inspection for any other obvious issues, worn suspension parts etc...
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    New (to me) S3 owner

    Picked up an 07 plate 3 door sprint blue S3 yesterday at what I believe is a good price and has left me with a fair bit of spare cash to give the car some TLC following the sale of my 135i coupe. 65k from new, same owner since 2010 and stacks upon stacks of invoices and history including haldex...
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    Newbie - potential S3 purchase

    Hi all, new to Audi so bare with me. I'm considering purchasing an S3 in the new year as they appear to offer good value currently I guess with the new model now on the market their prices have dropped. I currently run around in a 2003 Golf GT TDi 130 and I've just had a guts full of diesel...