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  1. inS4ne

    Cam belt or chain?

    I'm getting conflicting information and would be grateful for some advice! Are the D3 A8 4.2 petrol engines belt or chain driven? Also, the 4.0 Tdi's, same question....belt or chain? Either way, what are the service intervals for change and what sort of damage are we talking (roughly)? I've...
  2. inS4ne

    What tuning options are there for 2.0 and 2.7 TDi's?

    Never had any tuning done on my previous motors and still considering an S4, however, I'm wanting to know what sort of options (if any) are available for tuning the 2.0 and 2.7 TDi engines. Also what sort of gains would we be talking about in horses, 0-60 etc... Thanks ;)
  3. inS4ne

    WTF - A6 to 'A9'

    Where do these people come from, are they just dropped upon our planet :tocktock:
  4. inS4ne

    Is this S4 worth a punt?

    Whilst my searching continues, I've been secretly harbouring a crush on this S4, however, the mileage concerns me.......should it? Just can't get over those rear Recaro's and needless to say the lump up front :hubbahubba: Whilst we're on the subject, what's the capacity of the tank on these?
  5. inS4ne


    As the title, Hello :yahoo: Looking at buying an S4/S6 in the next couple of weeks so thought I'd join up and have a mosey! Look forward to asking you all sorts of irrelevant questions and perhaps lending some useless advice along the way :laugh: See y'all around :)