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  1. Quattro colin

    Revo vs GiacVs Apr

    So gonna go and get a remap but don't know which one to go for? There's to many to choose from. is there any one that has data from all 3 to actually prove which one is the superior Or basically if u were to put them on drag which one would be quickest Giac or revo or Apr
  2. Quattro colin

    Consequences of dancing

    Top and bottom of it I were dancing wit a tuned 8p s3 or rs3 which resulted in cracked windscreen n numerous stone chips lesson definitely learned last night Autoglass So will my auto wipers be affected and What's there glass like? As my insurer will not give me genuine OEM glass will the...
  3. Quattro colin

    Smoked or Unsmoked

    Having all the lights smoked today so will post some pics of before and after feedback welcome
  4. Quattro colin


    Anyone's on here it looked amazing
  5. Quattro colin

    Really want AUX

    Hi guys have the old RSNE UNIT and not led one and was wondering if this would work Would appreciate everyone's help
  6. Quattro colin

    who played in the snow

    First time I got to try my tdi Quattro in the snow and it did really well Up hills down hills drifting and I got stuck once on a really steep dead end road wit no run up trying to turn around dug me Sen out n again the Quattro did well and got home safe n sound seen a mk1 s3 out doing same as me...
  7. Quattro colin

    Crankshaft seal replacement

    Hi guys so recently replaced the rear crank shaft seal and found out that you need this tool so it cost me 180 and I'm wondering weather it would be worth renting it out to other forum users so they don't get this massive surprise let me know what you guys think
  8. Quattro colin

    ANOTHER replacement engine?

    So clutch went on car 3 weeks ago so me and my tool box off and set about sorting. We realised that the crank shagt seal was weaping so we changed this aswell. Ran for 2 days and it cut out on me. So we went over ever thing and took box off again and what we found was the small dust cover had...
  9. Quattro colin

    Crank shaft seal alignment tool

    Recently put new clutch flywheel and crankshaft seal however didn't realise that you need this special tool to align it all up and have just shoved it on so I am calling out to anyone that could lend this tool as they 189 on ebay
  10. Quattro colin

    Cracking/clicking noise

    Hi so my car has been cracking when turning at slow speeds,braking,accelrating so I decided to put two new drive shafts on but the noise is still doing it n I haven't got a clue wot it is other than dog bone mount bushes Would really like help on this really starting to do my head in.
  11. Quattro colin


    So obviously there is darkside bolt on manifold to allow the GTB turbos to be be fitted but these are well over £ 1000 so I've been thinking that there has to be a manifold that will bolt on? such as manifold from all the othe engines n I'm thinking the a4 mani I know there will be some...
  12. Quattro colin


    So I've only just noticed that my drivers door is not lining up properly with the back door and seems to look like it's not shut properly when it actually is. So I'm wondering weather some one tried bending door to get to my Rsne unit or if there's any thing I can do to fix it. There's a gap...
  13. Quattro colin

    clicking/cracking noise PLEASE HELP

    My 55 bkd quattro has a clicking noise on either full acceleration from set off or under harsh braking it also clicks on full lock when reversing or turning slowly but not all the time it always clicks wen accelerating from 1st or braking hard it dose not click wen driving normally around...
  14. Quattro colin

    Bkd air intake options?

    Just wondering if there is any air intake upgrades? is there any difference between the pd140-pd 170 intake panel filter but do these work
  15. Quattro colin

    Hard pipe vs silcone?

    Wot do people think of this?
  16. Quattro colin


    Any one one here can point me in the right direction for a bkd engine ?
  17. Quattro colin

    Bkd 140 hybrid

    Hi new to the forum and have recently purchased the bkd 140 Quattro version love the grip but it's boring me with the power. So I was thinking about buying the bkd turbo with hybrid internals but when speaking to darkeside they said they aren't very reliable so fishing to see how true this is...