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  1. WozaS3

    Facelift Stage 3 reactions! (Merry Christmas!)

    Happy Christmas Guys & Girls! A short little video for you all whilst you wait for that Christmas Dinner - 500+ Subs! HUGE thank you to all who subscribed!! [/MEDIA]
  2. WozaS3

    Facelift Audi S3 8V - 530bhp Unicorn Motor Developments Tune

    Well... here it is guys! lots have been waiting for this We have turned the S3 in to an absolute MONSTER!! 530bhp 640nm We aren't stopping here though! plenty more to come...
  3. WozaS3

    Facelift Audi S3 8V Stock Catback Backbox modification - More flow!!

    Hi guys! So, We've gutted out and modded the Stock Catback exhaust to net us some extra horses as the stock one held us back on the dyno. MUCH improved sound as well as power! Allowed us to go from 480BHP to a mega 530BHP 470lbsft You really don't need to spend £1500+ on an exhaust system...
  4. WozaS3

    Facelift Intermittent power issue.. FIXED! :)

    Hi Guys, Since fitting a Technics V4 turbo and having power drop issues straight off coming away from the rollers (car made 430whp) I've obviously been trying to nail down the issue.. Firstly replacing the APR HPFP with AutoTech internals, which seemed to improve the power delivery.. but still...
  5. WozaS3

    Facelift Installing the APR LPFP

    Hi Guys, I've started building and selling LPFP upgraded baskets - a customer wanted a video of how they are installed, wasn't ideal filming in the dark but I wanted to send the pump off to him the next morning Anyways, may be of interest to some of you!
  6. WozaS3

    Facelift Stage 3 Audi S3 fueling problems!

    Morning Guys! So recently went Stage 3 with my S3, however.. I was having intermittent power losses, particularly in 1st - 3rd gears My gut feeling was a fueling issue...
  7. WozaS3

    Facelift OBD 11 PRO

    Hi Guys, I was pretty impressed with what you can do with the OBD 11 Pro - Unlocking some of the nanny systems for a start! Enjoy :)
  8. WozaS3

    Facelift Audi S3 8V - Finally Stage 3!

    Finally hit stage 3 with the help from a Technics V4 Turbo.. We hit 435WHP @ 1.9 bar but with the stock catback we seen high EGT's so we backed it off to 1.85bar We will be back once we have sorted a none ridiculously loud Catback!
  9. WozaS3

    Facelift Stage 3 LPFP install!

    Hi Guys, This may be of interest to some of you, with going Stage 3 - this required upgrading both the High pressure fuel pumps and the low pressure fuel pumps, trying to find a full assembled LPFP upgrade was near impossible or extremely expensive... so I made one myself! Thought this may be...
  10. WozaS3

    Facelift 20K miles.. decided to service my Haldex pump

    Hi Guys, Serviced my Haldex at 20k... and well, just look! I am definitely doing this every 10K from now on
  11. WozaS3

    420bhp S3 - ready for 500bhp!

    Friend did a video on my S3 - check it out! Its off to be mapped next week with the new Technics V4 Turbo.. 500 hurspurs he we come!
  12. WozaS3

    Facelift Took the S3 out on track.... nearly didn't go well...

    So! Took the S3 out on the track visiting the Forge Action Day last Sunday.. first time on a track so go easy on me! very nearly crashed...... What a rush though!!!
  13. WozaS3

    Facelift Huge Llandudno car meet! Took the S3 out

    May interest some of you.. took the S3 out to the recent Llandudno car meet, here's what it looked like!
  14. WozaS3

    Facelift LPFP Limits for Stage 3

    Hi guys, I have a Technics V4 turbo and a HPFP to be installed in the next few days Does anyone know what the limit of the LPFP is in terms of BHP? Looking to map the car with the Technics to around 450 - 480bhp and look to install a LPFP at a later date to chase that 500+! Any help would be...
  15. WozaS3

    Facelift Took the S3 out on a group drive across North Wales!

    Hi Guys, Some of you may like this - attended a drive out with a group called "Just Drive" all across the sunny roads of North Wales, some 143miles! We had some amazing weather, and some clear roads driving down some of the best roads in the country - S3 is running great! held its own against...
  16. WozaS3

    Facelift DK Tuning took my car to Stage 2+!

    Hi Guys, So I gave the guys at DK Tuning my 2018 S3 to take to Stage 2+ Here is my experience!
  17. WozaS3

    Facelift Audi S3 8v | ST suspension springs fitted!

    YES Guys! Latest video is up! Go take that bog break and enjoy (it’s short enough for you not to get pins and needles) Much better handling and looks from the spring install - shout out to Matty Bentley for fixing me up Stage 2 work next week (Vid is still rendering for 4K - 1080p is up though)
  18. WozaS3

    Facelift Anyone thinking of a JB4? I have just the video for you!

    Hi Guys, The latest video - since I've had the JB4 for some time now, I thought I'd give you a bit of an in depth review of my time with it. I'll be taking this off next week as the car goes in for its Stage 2 work Enjoy!
  19. WozaS3

    Facelift The Journey to Stage 3+!

    Hi Guys! Owned her for 2yrs+.. now its time to mod her and get her legs stretched! Car is booked in for some major work over the next few months - I will be filming it all! Check out my channel and follow if it tickles your fancy?
  20. WozaS3

    Audi S3 2018 - Journey to stage 3+

    Hi Guys! Owned her for 2yrs+.. now its time to mod her and get her legs stretched! Car is booked in for some major work over the next few months - I will be filming it all! Check out my channel and follow if it tickles your fancy? Next video is coming up soon all about the JB4 and what I have...