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    what a day

    well after a awful day changing the drivers side spring yesterday i cracked it, got on wth other today all was well took the strut out compressed the spring then couldnt get the top mount off and as a result of that the actual strut it self snapped so my car has now been left on a brick
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    Help me, noise after fitting lowering springs.

    well i have a 98 1.8t agu, i got round to fitting of my front lowering springs today all went well untill i put it all back together and, at a stop or at low speeds i got a clunk clunk when turning both ways at high speeds its ok, but if i look underneath when parked when turning the spring is...
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    yay finally got the wipers to function properly, and also got springs fitted

    finally fixed, 2 wiper motors later :) got my 40mm drop springs fitted to the back also today, fronts to do when i get my spring compressor decides to turn up
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    insurance renewed :)

    well that was a good pricew i got 22 year old on a 1.8t sport 4 years ncb and come in at 472
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    question, will mk4 golf springs fit on a 98 a3 1.8t?
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    dreaded wipers still

    so i got round to gettting a wiper stalk today and changed it over, and yess the problem still persists, ive done the relay aswell, only thing left is motor anything you can suggest fellas
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    god dam a3

    so after replacing allmy diskc and pads i found today a wishone bone arm bush is totally knackered and a broken spring, may aswell stick some lowering springs on i found some on the bay at a good price and mayaswell replace them all, 35mm drop any pics of a 35 drop or am i better satying oem and...
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    hello, 19s on a a3 any good? running on 18s at the min
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    just a quick one fellas,

    righthave my downpipe and decat pipe fitted, and ive just thought how are these on emmiosions testing for mot, will i need to put the old cat back on, as my old car passed without the cat but every car is different
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    previos owner of my a3 what a jackass

    so the previos owner of my a3 must of had no care for this car lol, had my wheels off today to give them a tidy up till funds say i can have a new set, well what do i find all my discs and pads are absolutley shocking, new discs and pads ordered now, also while am here cam belt was done at 114k...
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    led dash lights

    can anybody help me of what bulb fitment the lights are behind the clocks to change them to l.e.ds ?
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    will the tdi centre section with no boxes fit on the a3 1.8 turbo 150bhp
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    ahh help, whys never anything simple, water related

    well i went to go look at the wipers today and saw a bigger problem, inder both doors at the front like behind the wheel but underneath the car theres water dripping from both sides and its a fair amount, doesnt look like im loosing any from anywhere but dont think theres anything water related...
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    quick question guys

    hey up, currently have a stainless steel down pipe and decat pipe and back box fitted only thing left is the centre section, will the a3 8l tdi one be a straight fit? mines a a3 1.8t
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    wipers :(

    well the wipers now come on there own when i first start the car, and never go back to there original stop position, HELP HELP
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    downpipe and decat pipe arrived

    well ive recievved my parts, had a whirl today at taking off the old ones and well by all might arm power and wd40 it wont move, dont facy snapping any so looks like a job at the locakl garage, what a shame i want it on nowwwwwwwwwwww
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    well some goodies come in the post today

    well not very happy the badless front grille i bought is poor fitting grill so thats going back !! the induction kit i purchased dont suck enough air and makes my engine like crap so thats also off bacj :( :( but need some help with aftermarket headunit install, i have been reading through...
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    hey there fellas is there a sticky on fitting a fmic on 98 a3 1.8t
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    a3 decat pipe

    well seen a si cant get a manifold yet im olooking for a stainoless stell decat pipe and downpipe, anyone got any suggestions loads on the bay but not sure how well they fit 98 a3 1.8 t
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    anyone know if this wil fit my car?