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  1. JimLoskot

    Concert II+ upgrades in B7 A4 cab

    Hi I have been looking to fit a phatbox and bluetooth handsfree kit that I already have into the wife's b7 A4 cab with a concert II+ stereo. Whilst doing this I have come across all sorts of relatively cheap products that seem to do all this with a lot less fuss such as Xcarlink, yatour and...
  2. JimLoskot

    drivers door lock mechanism

    Have had the fairly common drivers door bouncing back when you go to shut it. I have removed the door lock and given it a good soak in WD40 and cleaned it and greased it up but it still doesn't spring down to the fully open position. It appears that some of the rubber coating of the latch is...
  3. JimLoskot

    2.5tdi cold starting issue

    I'm starting to have trouble when starting from cold, its fires over first time and the revs go up but then it just dies, it will carry on doing this untill I give it loads of throttle. this happens with both sets of keys. I have done some searching which suggests it may be the immobiliser or...
  4. JimLoskot

    Intermitant climate control problem a4 2.5tdi

    Everynow and again, usually when I need it the most, the climate unit won't work when its set to blow cold air. I'll mes about with it for a while, turn it on/off, switch ignition on/off, turn the temp up/down and it will eventually start working. Strange thing is when you set it manually (fan...
  5. JimLoskot

    2.5tdiQ fuel filter

    The car has been stinking of diesel last few days so had a look and there is diesel ontop of the fuel filter so I have got another filter and new valve (the pipes look ok, no splits etc..) I have never changed a fuel filter before so have a couple of questions: can I fill the new filter up with...
  6. JimLoskot

    2.5tdi quattro intercooler

    Finally got round to taking the drivers side one out for a look and it looks like this: This is the only thing that I think could be leaking to spray all of this oil over it and everything around it. New one = £260ish :crying:. do I really need a new one? is there any way to test it is...
  7. JimLoskot

    problems with 2.5tdi

    My faithfull 2.5tdi quattro is starting to show a few problems. In low gears (especially 2nd) when the revs are about 2k you can't hold a constant speed, the revs and the speed fluctuate up and down slightly. Does this mean there is a problem with the turbo? Got a few jobs to do on it including...
  8. JimLoskot

    A4 rear caliper

    doing a long overdue service on the rear brakes and the offside ones has a few small holes in the seal: do I need to replace this, is it a job for the pro's? The caliper wound back in ok, was a little stiffer than the other side. Thanks
  9. JimLoskot

    Restoring the brakes on the A4 without spending ££££

    Obviously brakes get spongier with age, now my A4 is 7 years old and done 110k+ they aren't really performing nearly as well as they used to. The brake fluid needs changing on its next service which is very soon and was thinking about getting some braided brake hoses to help the brakes. I...
  10. JimLoskot

    2.5 TDi Quattro AKE 110k service, what & where?

    The family wagon is due its next service (just over 110k). The timing belt is I think due every 60k although the service book is confusing and it could be 60k or 80k. Anyway, I think it needs doing. What else should I have done on this service seeing as the car is getting on a bit? I remember...
  11. JimLoskot

    Parrot CK3000 Evo mic & controller

    Just fitting this kit in and not sure where to put the bits. Think I might put the mic above the hazards switch, not sure where to put the keypad control thingy. Any suggestions or where have you put yours? Also I want to wire the speaker-output to the back of the concert II stereo on the phone...
  12. JimLoskot

    2.5 tdi quattro remap in the north west

    The misses has finally given the thumbs up for getting a remap. woo hoo! Now just left to decide what and from where. What are the differences between a remap and a tuning box? Are standard remaps all the same or do they vary between companies? Is a std map best for my std car or would a custom...
  13. JimLoskot

    Looking to buy an A6 avant - Advice please

    Hi there, I currently have a A4 avant b6 2.5 TDi quattro sport. I am looking to get something slightly bigger and its probably going to be an A6 avant. I've been having a look around the internet and there are quite a lot of well spec'd ones going for reasonable money. A few questions I have...
  14. JimLoskot

    Maybe selling up and moving on, but what next?

    Does anyone know what I am likely to get (either private sale or part ex) for my 03 plate 2.5 TDi quattro sport avant, 97k, fsh, leather, 6cd, denim blue, very good condition? Thinking of getting something slightly bigger. I am looking at maybe a A6 avant diesel but am wondering what else is...