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    Keyless entry system not working properly

    Hi everybody! My A4 is only 6 months old and the first problem came in: the keyless entry system is not working at the driver's door. Yep, u got that right, I can't unlock or lock my car with my hand from the most important door of the car . I have to mention that at the other doors the system...
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    Help me choose winter wheels

    Hi guys! It's time for me to buy winter wheels for my A4 B9 and I'm in a big dilemma. I don't know what brands and models to choose, both for rims and wheels. I want 17" rims and I really don't know what brand to take. We have a tough winter here and the roads are full of pits and bumps and I...
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    218Q vs 272Q: can't decide!!!

    Hi, guys! I am ready to place an order for the A4 B9 but I can't decide between these 2 engines. On the one hand, I read a lot and I think the S-tronic is better as gearbox, but for me 218 hp is a little bit lower than my needs; the perfect power for me would be 240-250 hp. On the other hand...