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    Headlight Washers

    Hi Is there a way to turn off the auto headlight washers the first time you wash the screen with your lights on? I can code them to come on with a long pull of the washer stalk using VCDS but can not find out where to disable the first wash. Basically I want to be able to choose when I use them...
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    Suspension advice for B8 S4

    Hi Due to a pair of weeping rear shocks I’ve decided to change the lot for a set of Bilstein B12 with Eibach Pro Springs and will be doing this myself. Can someone please confirm the kit number required for a 2011 S4, I think it is 46-183330? Also I guess DPM Performance are the best place to go...
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    MMI 3g Phone zero ring volume

    Hi I’ve got a 2011 S4 with MMI 3g and have my iPhone 6 connected via Bluetooth. Everything works as it should except I get no ringing through the speakers with incoming calls. The display shows an incoming call and the media playing goes silent but there is no ring. I’ve checked and adjusted the...
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    Fault code 02984 help?

    Hi I've just checked my fault codes with Carista and fault code 02984 has come up. Any ideas where to look? I did change the high level brake light 2 weeks ago as I was getting an intermittent dash fault, this has fixed the fault but I'm wondering if it's connected to this new one. Many thanks...