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    Insurance Claim / GAP cover for stolen car

    I'm afrer a bit of advice if anyone out there can help me. I bought a new S3 last June 09 for £25,800 ( i got a 10% discount) It was stolen in July 10 with approx 7k miles on the clock. I have an insurance policy with 1st Direct and a GAP policy with Surf & Protect. I thought i would be entitled...
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    S3 stolen in the night, gutted!

    If anyone sees a 09 black S3 in the Midlands area with 2 'thugs' driving it, it's mine! Stolen off my drive this morning at 4.30am, gutted to be honest. I got the car new and at a good price (just over 10% off list) and i suppose i'll get some crappy offer from my insurance co. I do have GAP...
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    Kerbed Alloy - damn snow! Cost to repair?

    Went sideways yestersday in my S3 and hit the kerb with front left alloy taking a bit of a chunk out of the edge. How much to get it repaired and is it best to take to an Audi dealer or independent?? Thanks
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    Anyone got a good pic of front windscreen?

    Just noticed on my S3 that the offside windscrren wiper looks too high and seems to be very curved. The end of it sits just onder the tax disc holder and is quite noticeable when driving. I haven't got access to a camera unfortunately but if anyone could post a pic of an S3 (preferably new...
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    New S3, alarm going off randomly, help!

    3 months into ownership of a new S3 and the alarm has gone off 4 times completely randomly including last night at 4.30am which was greatly appreciated by my wife! Surely this is a fault that needs to be addressed? Anyone else had this problem or know how they can fix it??
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    New S3, front bumper at bottom peeling?

    New S3 only 4 weeks old and i noticed this morning that the bumper at the bottom (the gery bit) is peeling and flaking already quite badly. I could actually peel it all off easily. Surely this can't be right??? Anyone experienced the same or know what they will do to correct it?
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    Cracked windscreen already 3 weeks in!

    Great, 600 miles on the clock of my nice new S3 and a stone hit the windscreen and a ****** great crack has appeared. £65 excess gone in a flash to replace the windscreen. Bad luck or what?! It'll be the alloys getting kerbed next i assume! :keule:
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    Millitek exhaust, options and prices?

    Considering a Millitek exhaust for a new S3. What sort of cost will i be looking at and are there different types (i.e can you have just the back bit done or is it just one system?) I'm guessing it won't be a dramatic difference in performance but should sound better?
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    S3 wait nearly over

    Picking up my new S3 on saturday. Ordered it on 31st March so pretty much 3 months exactly. Can't wait as i'm driving my girlfriend's grandma's old M reg Merc at the moment! :sob: Then comes the 1000 mile run in and then the remap of course!
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    Remap a new S3 straight away?

    New S3 arriving sometime next week to 10 days. Should i get it remapped (thinking GIAC) straight away or run it in for 1000 miles and then get it done?
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    Bose Speakers v Aftermarket Options

    I have ordered a car with the Bose option but was having 2nd thoughts as i have heard reviews that it's not actually that good? Is there a known aftermarket option in terms of head unit and / or speakers that i should be looking at? A price guide would be useful too.
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    Running a new car in?

    Is this worth doing these days? Some say, yes still run it in for 1000 miles, some say that by driving it hard from day 1, the engine will loosen up nicely and be quicker in the long run?? :think:
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    S3 alloy choice 18" or 19"??

    Have ordered a new S3 with the standard 18 inch S3 alloys which i quite like but wondered whether i should have gone for the 19 inch ones, although i didn't see them on the options list? Are they a special order? Is it worth going for them ( i assume they are the RS4 alloys). They look great...
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    E46 M3 v remapped S3

    Bit bored at work so thought i'd post this question! Currently got an E46 M3 which has 343BHP and when it goes in 2 months i will have a new S3 which i intend to get remapped (hopefully to 300 ish BHP) Which will be quicker? Which will handle the corners better? Which will be more fun to drive...
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    Revo v ST3 v Bluefin

    What are the differences between these or are they much of a muchness?? I know obviously that you can do the ST3 from home rather than take it somewhere but are the products the same?
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    Best way to finance a new S3

    Sorry if there is a thread for this elsewhere. Have been offered a couple of deals on a new S3, pp £26k. One is a PCP deal through Audi themeselves with a 2k deposit, 36 months at £450 and final payment of £12.5k. 9.6% APR Other one is a lease purchase through alease company. £2k deposit...
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    New S3 ordered yesterday, great deals!

    New to the forum due to putting a deposit down yesterday on a new S3. List pprice with the extras is £28,810. Nearest to guessing what i got it for wins a prize! On a more serious note, why buy 2nd hand when you can get great deals on new??