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    Front passenger window not working

    Most likely broken wire between the body and door. Common problem - wires can be soldered if enough room or part replacement wiring loom is available from TPS or Audi
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    Horn/wipers/indicators/full beam/dash lights not working

    Sorry, this was 5-6 years ago and don't have part number. The dealer repeated the issue by swapping module to another car. Now switched to the darkside (BMW)
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    Horn/wipers/indicators/full beam/dash lights not working

    Had the same issue a few years ago on my 3.0 QS Avant. No fault codes but issue got worse when car was warm. Dealer replaced ignition switch didn't fix problem. Needed new module under dash about £300 if I recall correctly
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    Turned to the Darkside

    After 5 years time has come to get rid of my 3.0 QS avant. Have sold it on to the garage who did all my servicing/repairs. Have now bought a Bmw 325i M Sport Touring which has all the toys I wished I had with the Audi. Thanks to all who helped in the past and I will continue to look in...