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  1. Scuba Blue

    Electronic Handbrake

    Can this be coded to engage more gradually? I hate the fact that if the car is moving even slightly the abrupt engagement causes a real jerk...maybe I'm driving like a jerk?
  2. Scuba Blue

    Turning car off completely

    Apologies if this is a really stupid question. I'm driving to Spain in a couple of months and will be dozing in the car for a few hours on the way. All my previous vehicles have had a normal ignition key, so when I stopped to sleep and turned it off it was fully off. With my A4, the car always...
  3. Scuba Blue

    Wifi Hotspot without Audi Connect Subscription

    A4 Sport 1.4 tfsi 66 plate Hello and apologies if this is an often asked question: I don't need access to google earth and flight/train times, twitter etc but I would like my children to be able to connect to the internet via the car's WiFi hotspot ( we do long journeys regularly and they...