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    Centre console and dials..

    Hi all I was thinking of a mod or simple plug and play if possible... the lighting of the centre console and dials... from red to modern white... I want to make the little LED screen in the middle of the dials instead of red to white, most cars use the led bulbs... I'm guessing it needs...
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    Hey guys Anyone know where I can get a badged s line grill? My car is black so would you go for the black grill or the original silver / chrome grill? Cheers Have a good easter!
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    Hope someone can help, the other day for no reason my bumper came off, then I noticed a hell of a lot of screws! Who ever had it before clearly had front damage and just bodged it, some of the original torx / bolts are still screwd on the bumper, but some are missing or wrong size, can I get the...
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    will this fit?

    Hi guys, Can someone reassure me that this will be a direct fit from a audi symphony unit cd and Tape player?
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    wing mirrors

    Don't know if anyone could help, but when I choose to close my wing mirrors only the drivers side closes and not the passengers, do they both close? If so could it be a fuse? Where's the fuse box located and possibly what fuse is it. Thanks
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    Hi all Only got my Audi couple of days ago, been looking at xtron headunit, planning on installing a rear camera. Just seeing what headunit people recommend, anyone have a eonon unit? What are your views?