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  1. j033y

    Anyone offer advice on 3.0tdi purchse

    Hey all Been many years since I last posted. I have currently got a 2014 Golf GTD. Love the car to bits. I require more space due to the hopeful arrival of sprog number two. I have always wanted an A4. And love this era A4. I do about 18,000 miles a year so looking at diesels. This car...
  2. j033y

    Pressure wash the engine bay?

    Mine is looking a little dusty. Is it actually possible to just pressure wash the bay on my 1.8t. Should i be putting anything in carrier bags while doing this or is it all safe? Really want to clean it up and i am sure i have read you just spray it all with de-greaser then pressure wash off...
  3. j033y

    A4 Caliper rebuild guide?

    I was doing the front pads on my car at weekend as one side was sticking and wore through the pad quickly. The boot on the piston was ripped so i think all the muck in the boot caused it too stick. managed to source a repair kit (Bigg Red) and will try and rebuild tonight. Just wondered if...
  4. j033y

    Anyone have an Angel Tuning remap? 190 A4

    Thinking of getting mine remapped, the gains on my 150bhp golf were amazing. looking at a link on this forum: they are offering £150 for a remap with Angel Tuning. Anyone used...
  5. j033y

    HIDs Fitted - Not impressed at all!

    So i finally got round to fitting my HID kit from HIDS Direct Single beam Canbus Pro HID Conversion kit - Xenon HID Headlight Upgrade Kits from HIDs DIRECT Ltd picture of one in and one original halogen bulb: So after first night with them in i thought "these are dull" as they pointed...
  6. j033y

    Can't stop spending!

    After booking my car in for a full service next week including a check to make sure it has no sludge forming, I thought i was bonkers for doing it so close to Xmas what with being broke enough! but you can't skimp on preventative maintenance. So after reading on here a few threads, and...
  7. j033y

    Service time!

    My 1.8t 190 Quattro has hit 70,000 miles, so its due a service. I always send my cars to a local specialist garage I have loads of faith in during winter, as I am not crawling around in minus 15 in the snow! So apart from the obvious oil and filter change, I would like the sludge pick up pipe...
  8. j033y

    Wheel size question.

    Ok so i am planning on getting some winter wheels, but what is the smallest size i can get for my car. It's the B6 S Line. so does it have the 312mm front discs? dies that mean a minimum of 16 inches to cover breaks? also just to confirm it is 5x112? anything else i could look out for?
  9. j033y

    It all seems to happen at once ... shake me baby!!!

    Well after my issues with heaters and wipers my car is doing some funky clunks. On full lock at slow speed (out of a parking space etc) it seems to clunk and shake with the clunksand almost jerk! its a strange feeling. Also i noticed if taking a corner at a rather fruity speed it shakes...
  10. j033y

    Wipers on go slow...

    So to add to my problems my car has had today! what with stupid hot and cold air con issues my wipers have slowed right down I know they sieze up on the B5&6 . so can anyone give me the part numbers to order from Audi to replace my linkages... is it easy i presume a few people on here have...
  11. j033y

    Hot at one side... Cold at other

    Ok so get in my car today to head to another depot of ours. I keep thinking its hot in the car so turn it down. but it remains warm. Any way to cut a long story short, cold air is happily blowing from the drivers side, and will change temperature with the climate control. However hot air is...
  12. j033y

    ESP light on, then engine warning light... What have I done?

    Hi all I have a 2004 1.8t Quattro, on way back from swimming thought I would just press the ESP button, the light came on, it felt the same so I pressed the button to turn it off, nothing happened, the light stayed on!! So I held it down for awhile and the light stayed on and the engine warning...
  13. j033y

    What Alarm/immobiliser as standard on my car? 1.8T Quattro S-Line???

    Basically just a quick question. Car is standard, and my insurance company are asking if it has a CAT1 Immobiliser? Any help would be great, i dont think they came with a CAT1 as standard! Cheers
  14. j033y

    2009 S Line alloys fit a B6 A4??

    Been offered a set of 2009 S Line alloys cheapish, just wondered if they will fit on ok, cant seem to find any specs on the PCD bore size offest or anything!! Anyone know! cheers.
  15. j033y

    What do we all think of these?

    I cant decide it I like them or not for an A4, I either really like them or don't I am confused. Just feeling some new wheels for the old girl! Anyone know what these are called?
  16. j033y

    Jet plane landing in my engine bay!

    Hi all, have a 2004 A4 S-Line. I am sure the air con needs regassing as when i put it on low its not very cold, colder than ambient but not as cold as i expect. However if i press the centre fan button it goes colder? is this normal? Also after using the aircon or having it on econ, when i...
  17. j033y

    Recommended cam belt change periods on 1.8t 190

    Hi all Having had my car for one month now and loving it, I feel it is best to get some preventative maintenance, It is an 04 plate 1.8t Bex engine with 61,000 miles, it was last serviced at 58,000 miles by the previous owner. It has also never had a cam belt change. i have been told all...
  18. j033y

    Should my 190 Quattro have enough power to spin all 4 wheels?

    In light of Nutkin's recent find with his 190bhp Quattro only running 154bhp it has led me to worry more about mine. Now I knew from day 1 it would never be the same as my chipped Golf GTi turbo with 190bhp due to weight and 4 wheel drive. I did a 0-60 in my A4 using my iphone trip thing to...
  19. j033y

    Audi concert Multichanger input options

    So i am thinking of ways to intergrate my ipod into the Concert 2 radio I have in my A4. I also have a multichanger, and don't really want to remove this. Do you think its possible to piggyback an ipod multichanger adapter onto the current CD Changer lead, and maybe incorporate a switch over...
  20. j033y

    Anyone after a full RNS-e setup?

    Ok due to a change in plan I have an RNS-e and bits up for sale, I have everything you need for it to go into an A4!! So you can buy it all, or separately! RNS-e Unit This is a 8E0 035 192 T Audi A4 Europe, MY 2008, 8E B7, sw 0650 It has AUX in activated, in excellent condition, comes with...