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  1. LukeHawk

    Auto Stop/Start Driving me crazy - how to fine tune?

    I know most people just disable it with OBD11, or push the disable button each time, but I dont hate the feature, i want to use it. However, unlike previous cars I've had with this feature, where it knows I've actually come to a stop, and activates once the brake is depressed all the way, in my...
  2. LukeHawk

    LED DRL Headlight colour

    In so many of the pics I've seen on here, the DRL's of the LED headlights (in my case, Matrix LED's, but I presume its the same for the standard LED ones) all seem to have a different colour. I understand that there will always be slight variance with the lamp temperature, but some photos of...
  3. LukeHawk

    To keep or sell?

    Hey guys, So I need some help with a decision. My Audi will be coming to the end of its service plan/warranty early next year. I do like the car, but I'm also not against the idea of getting something different to potentially keep for the long haul. Is it risky of me to keep the car once its...
  4. LukeHawk

    Help with front bumper retrofit

    Hi all, I'm contemplating doing a front bumper conversion from a non-S-line to an S-Line bumper. Its rather pricey though, so I want to make sure I dont buy parts that I wont need. S-Line: Normal...
  5. LukeHawk

    Rear Bumper reflector

    Hi guys, does anybody know if the red rear-bumper reflectors are the exact same part on the S-line and non-S-line bumpers? Could one take the part from a normal bumper to the S-Line bumper? I cant seem to find much info online. Thanks