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    interchangeable parts

    How interchangeable are the A3's?? I understand to get an S3 front end you have to change the bonnet to but you can keep the headlights? What about if i just wanted to change over the headlights from the new 8p3 or 8p1? is that possible or even the 8p1 ? When you look over on eBay just to get...
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    Honda Integra DA9 (AU)

    I was a JAP guy/tuner head.. back in Australia. Wasn't a fan of the V8 crowd preferred VTEC and Turbo's and what not lol. (my second car) since i got my license. Honda Integra DA9 1990/91. It was stock as a rock when i first purchased it. After a lot of time.. and experimentation (i was 17...
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    post approval system?

    Hey just curious how long does it usually take for a thread to be approved? If it isn't approved, am i notified? etc. Cheers.
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    help me buy one

    Okay guys im in the market for one of these A3 8P's looking at the 2004 - 2005 models. 1.6L Petrol. I'm completely new to ALL EUROPEAN vehicles, but i know my cars, please feel free to get technical with me. Some questions i have: What to look for in these models when buying them...
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    pre-owner here

    Hey guys, dont know what you're all like so figure ill play it safe by sticking to tradition and making an entry post. im now in Turkey but i originally came from Australia. I'm young so i plan to modify the vehicle not body kits and ****.. i like the nice clean (factory body mods) etc. I was...