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  1. Tiefman

    2009 audi a3 lurch when slowing to a stop

    Car: 2009 audi a3 2.0t - automatic Miles: 97,000 My problem: -Just got this a3 a few days ago, and began to notice a lurch when the car slows to a stop, feeling as if its rocking back and forth. No strange noises or engine lights, just the strange judder when coasting or breaking to a stop...
  2. Tiefman

    2009 a3 automatic "juddering" in first gear when coasting

    Having a really weird issue with my a3, not sure what to do about it. Basically what is happening is whenever I'm having to be in first gear (this is automatic remember) and let off the gas, the RPM will hang at where it was when I let off the gas, judder, then go back down. It makes for a...