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  1. Colh

    Service Interval

    I hadn't checked until today, but when I go into my service menu on the MMI, it says I have 9700 miles/730 days until next oil change, and 9800 miles next inspection. The car was new in July 2016, and has just under 9800 miles on the clock. Does this sound right? At this rate, I'll get 1...
  2. Colh

    Scraping underside over metal speed bump

    My workplace has installed those awful metal speed bumps all over our car parks and I'm finding my A4 scraping and sometimes feeling like dropping down onto the bump even at extremely low speeds. Am I getting my technique wrong, or is this just part of the problem with those type of bumps and...
  3. Colh


    Had my car (2.0 TDI Ultra Sport 190 Avant manual) since June and just over 4500 miles on the clock now, and for the last 2 days the engine hasn't stopped when in neutral and at a standstill. Its on my usual commute, and regular traffic lights etc but the engine keeps going. I understand when...
  4. Colh

    Ultra Badge

    Question for the Ultra Sport owners who haven't de-badged. Does your car have an "Ultra" badge under your TDI? I've got a 2.0l TDI 190 Avant, and I only have TDI on the right hand side. I was sat just behind a saloon TDI today, that had TDI and under it, an Ultra badge. I assume it was a...
  5. Colh

    Dirty marks

    I've just cleaned my car and I've got dirty marks under the doors on both sides that don't seem to clean off. Benn there a while now. Using valet pro citrus then a snow foam. Don't want to be too aggressive just yet. Any ideas what's causing it or how to remove?
  6. Colh

    DAB Station Logos

    Anyone know how to get DAB station logos on the MMI? Got a DAB radio in my wife's MK7 Golf and its got them fine from day 1. Still getting the orange dab placeholder image on mine.
  7. Colh

    Data Usage for Google Earth and Traffic

    I signed up for a cheap giffgaff gigabag for use in the car to try out the Google Earth maps and traffic updates. For £5 I got 500mb data, and I also had £15 credit available to use. Seems that its very data hungry. In less than a month, its used the lot, a total of about 1.34gb. Going to...
  8. Colh

    Ibis White A4 Avant 190 Sport Ultra

    Picked up my new motor this morning from Coventry Audi. Good experience all in. Picked up from train station, cup of tea, unveiled in main showroom, then paperwork etc. Driven back in a monsoon so needs a wash already! Initial thoughts. It can shift. Interior superb (even if I can't seem...
  9. Colh

    Nearly time to collect

    well according to the tracker, my car has arrived at Coventry Audi, so I should be collecting in the next week. Getting an A4 Avant 2.0 TDI 190 Sport Ultra in Ibis white. Only options were the fuel and adblue tanks, so standard spec. I only ordered a couple of weeks ago, and the car was...