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    2.5TDi Dumping Boost / Compressor Surge

    mine used to do this mate but... never made a difference to performance? can you tell on yours? i had an open filter ( cone) so you could realy hear it
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    Audi A4 2.5v6 tdi mini Project *Pic Heavy*

    Thinking of selling the old girl can anyone shed some light to how much it's worth. Cheers andy
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    TDI Injector Nozzels

    Does anyone know where i can get the Bosio nozzels from? cheers Andy
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    TDI Injector Nozzels

    ah nuts :( so what ones would be an upgrade ?
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    TDI Injector Nozzels

    Hi Guys can any one let me know if these injector nozzels will fit my 2.5tdi V6 180bhp Audi A4 AUDI 100 A6 2.5 TDI T4 111KW 0.216 INJECTOR NOZZLES DSLA150P764 | eBay and it might be worth emailing the guy if any one would like to upgrade nozzels :)
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    2.5 TDI quattro mods

    I have had mine remapped by a company called big fish tunning and it has made a huge difference, I have also recently put a decanted exhaust... I have found it to make a bit of a difference but I am going to have the mapped tweaked again.. More boost and fuelling to support the exhaust I a, not...
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    Trax 2012

    i have bought my ticket but if we are having a club stand i will be more then happy to go on it :)
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    Shell - V Power vs Regular Diesel

    100 100 100% makes a difference... i always put 20pound in.... regardless so the only varible is the amount of fuel that goes in..... 20pound of regular.. supermarket or BP fuel returned 100miles on my 2.5tdi v6 180bhp remap 20pound of Vpower diesel... i now get 120miles as long as i dont...
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    My new Exhaust 2.5tdi V6

    Hi mate got it done at revline a place in Newcastle cost 280 not a bad price like will get a pic for u guys
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    My new Exhaust 2.5tdi V6

    Well had my new exhaust system done! and its made a fair bit of difference instead of it pulling only to 4.5k it has opened up another 500 revs in the range pulls alot nicer... a as a bonus the guy who mapped it is going to add a touch more boost and fuel on the map to match the exhaust for...
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    Audi A4 Avant 3.0 V6 Quattro 2003

    do you fancy getting an exhaust as i have just had mine done nad its fantastic freed up a little more power :)
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    Audi A4 2.5v6 tdi mini Project *Pic Heavy*

    cheers guys, still looking to sell my current set of wheels :)
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    Audi A4 2.5v6 tdi mini Project *Pic Heavy*

    Thinking of swapping my wheels over to a set of these NEW 18" 3SDM CSL GTS ALLOYS,SATIN BLACK,VERY DEEP CONCAVE 9.5" REARS. et45/40, BM Autosport Ltd Potential thoughts?
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    x5 wheels on b6 a4

    when i say spacer i mean adaptor :)
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    x5 wheels on b6 a4

    That blue Audi is mine ;) lol not Holmfield but cheers any way! aye seem to be coming more and more popular god damn it!!! i run 20mm H&R Spacers and a 225 tyre on the front and rear to clear the arches i have lowered mine since then as well :) will have to post some new pictures up of her...
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    Wheels on a b6

    ... no picture dude?
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    It's a wrap!! - or it will be soon

    are you wrapping it your self? and how much do you think it will set you back? kind regards
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    Raceland coilovers

    i agree i am in the same boat ( infact i would have bought them ones!) you tend to find the people that say because they are cheap they are crap either have got money to burn or havent had first hand experience of the actual coilover.... also as for the coment about anything cheaper then audi...
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    S4 MPG - genuine

    what was it?
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    Quatrro / FWD Coilover difference

    interesting message from Tien Direct, i emailed them about some coilovers they have up for sale on ebay and this is what they came back with... Hi Thanks for the message. The fitment between quattro and FWD is the same. However, there is a significant difference in weight between the 2...