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    A4 (B8) AMI query

    Hi all, I have an A4 B8 sline without the AMI in the glovebox. Audi say you can't retro fit the AMI unit unless to my stereo unless I have the 2G sat nav unit, but the tech guy seemed unsure. Does anyone know if this is true? And if it is what would be the best solution for playing music off my...
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    2.5 TDi Quattro Flat spots

    Hi Guys, wondering if anyone can shed some light on this. I seem to have a major flat spot around 2600 -3000rpm when in 4th and 5th and 6th gear. On a straight she'll pull nicely up to this point and then it seems like someone is anchoring on the brakes. if i ease off slightly it seems to pickup...
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    Aftermarket stereo

    Hi all, Can anyone shed some light on what seems to be a simple problem? I am installing an aftermarket stereo in my 2001 B6 A4 2.5 TDi. The original is a Chorus system. I want to get a harness adaptor so as not to get involved with cuts and snips anywhere! However the leading companies (off...