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    Option tie ins.

    Not wanting to buy brand new, been trawling the sites for a 2.0 tdi sportback auto with a sunroof. All the ones I have seen advertised have leather, s-line,18" wheels etc. Just wondering if its the old option tie in to squeeze the customers for more money, " you cant have this until you've got...
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    Real average MPG

    Thinking of purchasing a sportback somewhere down the line, got my mind on a 2.0 TDI with s tronic. Tired of trawling the crap like autotrader and parkers which tells us the mpg figure is 68.9 or whatever, so what do the everyday users get. As a comparison the guides tell me my Honda Civic gets...
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    When saturday comes

    not the film starring Sean Bean but when my A4 is traded for a Bmw z4 coupe,it has been a loyal,reliable servant but exciting motoring beckons,something that the A4 could never deliver.
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    hpi checks

    thinking of buying a new car and want to find out if its been in an accident or had any insurance work done on it,had a look at hpi check,car check,car data check etc but all I can see is that they will tell you if its been written off and this is not what I was looking for anyone out there know...
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    original radio

    Because I am thinking of changing the car I decided to refit the original radio,an easy enough job just plugs,then 100 yards down the road I realised why-an annoying intermittent bleeping noise when listening to radio,ok with cd though. May go for a tt sport but didnt realise some came with...
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    time to change

    having had my a4 since april last year I think its time for a change. the audi is a nice car its comfortable roomy and reliable but driving it is an experience of nothingness, I need a car that excites me and has strong performance the audi does not have this at all. I have had saloons and...
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    wheel gloss

    have tried a few local shops but no luck,am after Master Formula Wheel Gloss to clean salt blemishes on my motorbike wheels,have had good reports of it but where to buy?
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    windscreen chip

    have had a chip on my windscreen (not shoulder) for quite some time,went shopping yesterday and saw an autoglass van in supermarket car park there were 2 men repairing chips and small cracks in windscreen,showed him mine and he phoned for authorisation with insurance company,i went and did my...
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    revo remap

    thinking of replacing the apr map on my car with a revo,saw the website offering a trial which I thought was a good idea but then saw that it was a 80% trial,why would they do that,its like going to try out some new speakers but the amp only goes up to 3. Its put me off a bit cos its a 100 mile...
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    One year in.

    After one years of ownership a mini review of my 2005 A4 2.0 tfi quattro. Performance- adequate,but a lack of mid range punch means the engine has to be revved hard. Economy- disappointing after 1.8T but thats the price of 4 wheel drive. Comfort/Equipment- its the base model so no...
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    problem,or niggles to watch for?

    thinking of changing my a4 2.0t for a tt,mk1 possibly are there any model specific problems to watch for,bodywork or trim faults. How do you tell a 180 from a 225,is the turbo different I used to have a b5 1.8t and that was great but the 2.0tq I have is as exciting as a bag of sand.
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    golf boot size

    can anyone tell me how deep is the boot on a mk5 golf,seats still up.
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    drivers door

    when I open the drivers door there is a strange whirring noise,fuel pump maybe?
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    acceleration figures

    just did some acceleration tests on my apr tuned 2 litre turbo and here are the results. 30-50 in 3rd 4.48,50-70 in 4th 6.2,60-80 in 5th 12.3.Yes it really is that slow,hope your cars are better than this.
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    insurance-has yours gone up

    had my renewal today and a shock that its gone up from £320 to £420,especially when I changed my focus (g17) was told it would probably be cheaper next year with a lower group car.Went on some compare sites and not much difference there either.
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    westec performance newport

    has anyone used them for work,are they still trading,cant get any info their website is shutdown.
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    which engine?

    a3 3.2,does this use the 250 bhp fsi engine or the 230 one from the early golf r32?
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    decat pipes

    seen a lot of tuning shops saying for best reults get decat pipe and 3" exhaust,but wouldnt this devaluate your mot?
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    battery removal

    need to remove battery to unblock drain holes,what keeps battery down old b5 had a bolted flange,cant see how this one works,owners manual useless once more.
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    two remaps

    has anyone had their 2.oT remapped twice? I am currently unhappy with the APR map the car is running and have seen offers at AMD,can it be done twice or do I have to have a standard program in the car for it to be modified?