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    Wheel alignment specs

    Just wondering what the wheel alignment specs are for the S1? There aren't that many S1's on the road in Sydney so I'm hoping that the next time I get a report, I can make sure I didn't get an A1 wheel alignment set up. Also, has anybody played with their set up for sharper response?
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    HG-Motorsport video by

    :racer::rock: found this gem!
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    [request] Brake bleed calliper procedure

    Anybody know the order to bleed the brakes? Thinking of flushing my brake fluid. Even better, anybody have a copy of the service manual :whistle2:
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    Short shifter options

    What short shifter options have you good folks got or recommend? At the moment this peaks my interest, I think it should fit.
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    Harding Performance @ MOTOR Magazine Hot Tuner 2016

    This will be a great piece to keep an eye out for! I am loving the Audi Sport Quattro S1 like livery and would love to see what modifications Guy has installed.