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  1. eribaMotters

    E10, Lamba sensor and Audi Breakdown Cover

    We are 250 miles from home, on holiday in Scotland just south of Sterling, which we visited today. Half way into our 8 mile trip back to caravan site the amber emmisions warning light came on. We stopped within a mile and phoned local Audi dealer in Stirling. They advised Audi Recovery. At 2.45...
  2. eribaMotters

    March 2019 brake fluid change

    I've got a service contract, 1 x oil + inspection and 1 x oil. I've just collected my car back from the oil + inspection and was informed it will need a brake fluid change at 2 years and 3 months. Service lady was not surprised at my polite reply stating they had recently received notification...
  3. eribaMotters

    2019 A3 wiper blades

    I've got an annoyng nick in one front wiper rubber after 12K and 21 months. Which are the best replacement:- Bosch Aerotwin, Bosch Aerotwin Plus, Valeo Silencio X.TRM Flat Colin
  4. eribaMotters

    Sold A3 8v Full set carpet mats

    SOLD Used for first week of owning my 2019 when collected new before swapping over to rubber. As new. 0002170210 - 8V2 864 436 QA5 - driver 0002170210 - 8V2 864 435 QA5 - front passenger 0002170210 - 8V4 864 451 A QA5 - rear 0002170210 - 8V4 864 452 A QA5 - rear £30 + carriage of your choice...
  5. eribaMotters

    66mpg and better - 35tfsi manual

    Bit sad this one, but decided to see how economical the car really is as traffic was fairly heavy on a reent long trip. I had a near 300 mile journey from Merseyside to south Devon last week so kept it at between 55 and 60. Pulling off the A38 it was averaging an indicated 66mpg. I didn't trist...
  6. eribaMotters

    Front seat belts

    On previous VAG cars the front seat belts have a plastic stopper/pin through the fabric to stop the buckle dropping down to floor level. This meant the buckle used to be around shoulder height when you reached out for it on getting in the car. My A3 is lacking these. It is a pain Am I supposed...
  7. eribaMotters

    Factory fit towbar

    I think I'm about to have a run-in with Audi UK. I have a factory fit towbar and electrics which states:- [... allows continual use of electrical devices in the trailer/caravan whilst driving...] When looking at ordering I confirmed with supplying dealer and Audi Customer Services that this...
  8. eribaMotters

    1.5ts1 engine oil ?

    Which oil do I go for. I've got a 20% off EuroCarparts on my e-bay with free delivery so I'll get a 1L for top ups. Colin
  9. eribaMotters

    Audi Insurance

    I know all of our circumstance are different, but I contacted Audi Insurance today in anticipation of collecting my 1.5 Petrol A3. What a shock. I've paid the extra required to Tesco for the remaining 8 months I need cover, so overall I'm looking at £340 for the year. I'm 57, retired, protected...
  10. eribaMotters

    2019 - xenon headlights

    I'm collecting my new car in March. I've collected lots of bits but now need to update by spare bulbs. It has xenon headlights which are a new thing to me. Does anybody know what replacement bulbs these take so I can get a spare to carry. Thanks - Colin
  11. eribaMotters

    Driving in France

    I'm due to collect my 2019 Sportback Sport with the standard "Xenon headlights with LED daytime-running lights". I'm towing a caravan around France as usual in the summer and have previously had to use the beam bender lens converters. Reading a copy of the owners manual it would appear I don't...
  12. eribaMotters

    Car jack and tool kit

    I have a 2019 model A3 Sportback on order. You can no longer specify a factory fit spare wheel so I have sourced an 18" space-saver, same rolling diameter as the 17" alloys fitted. I'm told it comes with a tool kit, but unsure if this includes the lifting jack and the dealer is finding out. I'm...
  13. eribaMotters

    Sportback spare wheel and bumper guard

    Just ordered a new 35tsi 6 peed Sport form JCT in Sheffield. Went through Carwow and got £4.5K off so very pleased. Hopefully collect in early April so I can get some miles on it before towing caravan to south of France mid May. I'm replacing a diesel Skoda Yeti which has been great and hoping...