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    Rear door issue

    Hi, My partners 07 plate sportback has something wrong with the rear passenger door and I was wondering if anybody had encountered this same problem? I unlock the car with the remote, hear all locks unlock, all doors open apart from rear passenger side. It feels locked when I try the handle...
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    Coding help

    Hi, I've recently picked up a MK5 Golf with a multifunction steering wheel, it has the star button on it which is supposed to mute the audio. When I press it, it activates voice commands which is useless to me as I don't have a mic. I've managed to change this now via VCDS but the only way I...
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    Loud fan noise!

    Hi, my 2.0TFSI has recently started to sound really loud when you put the heating on. Even if it's just for a minute to demist the windows, it is super loud. It's that loud that you can hear it from inside the car with the radio on haha! Goes off a few minutes after turning hearing off, no...
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    Any help?

    Hi everyone, haven't been on here in a while as been so busy with work and hardly being home. Hope everyone is well. Ok, I've been having a little trouble of lately with my car. Seems I've got an oil leak which I can't for the love of me find out where, I will have to take it somewhere to get...
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    DIS warning message

    Hi, I currently have a bulb warning light on my DIS for 'Parking Light'. I can't figure out which bulb has gone, I've checked them all and all are fine. Is there a way to clear this warning from the DIS using VCDS as I can't see what album/songs to select from my iPod using the Dension unit as...
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    Parking light bulb error

    This warning just came up in my DIS, never seen it before and checked all bulbs and all seem fine yet the warning is still there. What is the parking light anyway? Really annoys me as I have the dension fitted and whilst there's an error on the DIS I can't even select tracks/albums as obviously...
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    Auto lock disable

    Can I disable the auto lock feature on my A3 using VCDS? The one where after a certain while the car locks automatically if you don't lock it manually? Thanks
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    Brake querie

    Hi, sorry if this has been answered before but I keep finding conflicting information so need some help. I'm looking at buying a brake kit from Ash187, the kit is from a 2.0 TDI. The front discs are 288mm and the rears are 256, I need a definitive answer on wether these will fit my 05 2.0 TFSI...
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    Source of my rattle

    Well this little ****** was the cause of my rattle problem that's been plaguing me for a month at least, will it be safe to be left off or should I look at replacing it ASAP?
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    Halfords Free Checks

    Hi, Mrs had car booked into Halfords for a few free checks. They've had the car today and kept it for around 4 hours, they've produced a list of all the problems and I agree with them completely. We didn't tell them of any problems we were experiencing and left them to it. Ok so they said all...
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    MY09 help

    Just took delivery if some MY09s, they've been at Royal Mail for a while as I've been unable to pick them up. Popped them on but there is a lot of movement in them, they don't appear to sit right and there is quite a big gap around the light when fitted. I'm guessing it's to do with the 2 small...
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    Double DIN conversion

    I'm thinking of doing the double DIN conversion as my next mod and getting the RNSE, all the pictures I've seen though of it done look different to how I want it. Is it possible to do it like in the picture? Will all this work fine in my 05 plate? Has anybody used this setup? If so do you have...
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    Alarm Horn Issue

    Hi, upon scanning my car with VCDS I've found this fault... 01134 - Alarm Horn (H12) Checked fuses and they all seem fine, checked alarm horn via output test in VCDS and no sound. I've enabled the chirp when I lock and unlock my car but they're really low volume, you can only just hear them so...
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    Drivers side squeak

    Hi, I had my car serviced a few week ago and since then it seems to have developed a squeak on the drivers side when turning right. Anybody any idea as to what this can be? Rather annoying to say the least, thanks
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    Window mod question

    Hi, just purchased VCDS and trying to get to grips with it. Is there a mod I can do that would enable me to use my windows after I've turned the ignition off? As it stands now, when I stop the car and put the window up it will stop if I turn the ignition off which I do all the time. I want to be...
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    N80 Purge Valve

    Has anybody ever changed their N80 purge valve? If so how easy was it? I'm going to have a go at changing mine myself this weekend I think
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    N80 Purge Valve

    Hi I need a price on these things please... - N80 valve P/N 06E906517A - New-design vent hose P/N 8P0133781B - Clamps P/N N10199201 (3-pcs) Thanks
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    Diagnostic Results

    Hi, as some of you may know I've been having problems with my EML coming on and going off. My indie scanned it but the EML had gone off at this time and it hadn't logged any faults, today my mrs got it there with it on and here is the result. Anybody got an idea what this is? Anybody had this...
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    Hi, please can you give me a price including VAT on a passenger side MY09 light 8P3 945 095 A? Also piano black external B pillar covers for a 3 door A3 including VAT? Do you have these items in stock? Thanks
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    Passenger side MY11

    Hi, can the MY11 lights be bought separate? I'm after the passenger side, if so then what should I be expecting to pay? Thanks