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  1. JJ.Foulds

    Back to AUDI, but need some 2.7t guidence

    Hi guys, im back to the forum after had a couple year gap. Started in the a3 8p group, but had huge issues with oil pressure ended up selling for near scrap. I currently own a 6MPS but just not happy with it, running 300bhp which is great, but just not the audi build quality i enjoyed with the...
  2. JJ.Foulds

    S3 clutch on a remapped A3?

    So my a3 is mapped to about 260, and im yet to turn on my water meth kit. My clutch is slipping more and more with the weather getting colder. Im wondering if i could put a 2nd hand S3 clutch in? To save on pennys, is this possible? Or to just buy a new S3 clutch? This has got to be cheaper...
  3. JJ.Foulds

    WMI, water meth fitted pics, now to test, but need help.

    So the water meth kit is fitted and is tested and works correctly. This was just using water from the tap, not actually plumbed into the engine. I have some distilled water and pure methonol on the way, which i will mix 50/50, but what i need to know is. 1. what tests/check do i need to...
  4. JJ.Foulds

    Boost leak, really need new ideas now. leak graph inside.

    Car: 2.0 A3 TFSI quattro 05 plate. remapped. The red line is the requested boost from the engine, and the green line is the actual boost. imgurl As you can see i have a leak, a leak of 1/3 of my total boost. I have a front mount intercooler from eBay which i thought was causing the problems...
  5. JJ.Foulds

    Arb has snapped, should i upgrade?

    So iv heard some clanging while i drove over bumpy roads, i had a feeling it was arb related. So i jacked up the car took the wheel off and there it was. So as you can the holder for the arb has snapped, no idea if the other side is the same. SO MY THOUGHTS. Should i just buy new...
  6. JJ.Foulds

    Home made smoke test? boost leak.

    So today ive just fitted my new ebay chinese crappy front mount intercooler. While fitting, one of the o-rings from the original pipes was well old and deformed after removing it so when i fitted it all back together i had to not fit it. I did some logs and found to be loosing about 1/3 of my...
  7. JJ.Foulds

    K03 DV relocation help.

    I have scrolled through google and ebay and i just cant find the pipe from the throttle body to the relocation valve and then the item that hold the valve in place. So what im after is the parts from the S3: Throttle body -> recirc valve and the actual valve holder. Im doing this on the...
  8. JJ.Foulds

    disabling 8P quattro for DYNO run

    So im looking to get a dyno sorted to test what power Rick actually got out of it, and there is a place local to me but only with a 2WD dyno. Im just doing a checking up question really, i can disable the quattro by the fuse right? or if not what is needed to be done to disable it? Thanks!
  9. JJ.Foulds

    Epic oil pressure problems, need advice

    Right so i had a build thread going but this has had to stop because of these oil pressure problems. Now the first problem i had was the pick up pipe was totally blocked, so this was changed. Second problem was the arising of the cam chain tensioner slowly failing then breaking in 2. Replaced...
  10. JJ.Foulds

    Coil pack issue,opinions? think iv solved it. with pics.

    I have no mechanical knowledge so please correct anything i say if its wrong. So after more oil pressure warnings, which i believe to be the sensor, i had misfires and my engine management light show up! After investigating with vcds i found out the engine was misfiring in cylinder 4, so i had...
  11. JJ.Foulds

    Foulds' A3 New Build Thread!

    Hi all, id first off like to thank the whole of the forum, its members and admins as i have took a whole load of information from here and its just generally a great place. So i have had my Audi A3 2.0 TFSI Quattro (AXX) for just over a year, and a lot has changed. Included in this build is...
  12. JJ.Foulds

    How rear lights work, brake/parking. cheap LED idea in the making.

    So im looking at my rear lights, they are just the normal bulb ones and i have 2 bulbs either side which act as both normal AND the break lights. So when i brake, the lights get brighter, now im guessing this is because the voltage is increased from 6v? to the normal 12v to make the brightness...
  13. JJ.Foulds

    Great service and price from forum sponsors again!

    just posting this because i am a happy pappy today! Last year Prestige gave me a great quote and i was happy with them. Unfortunately i had a much cheaper quote on compare the market and they couldn't drop down to near the price, so i phoned around. So i ended up with Adrian Flux. Fast call...
  14. JJ.Foulds

    Tyre rubbing, thinking of a tyre change? opinions. Pic inside.

    So i bought a set of wheels, and not only do they stick out a whole lot more than standard they also have 235/40/18's on them. Because of this my rear JOM coilovers are actually fully wound up to stop the scraping, but it still does. Options? my thoughts was to change my 2 rear tyres to...
  15. JJ.Foulds

    *** HID group buy from WELLDONEHID. Wiper safe. ***

    So finally here is the group buy for wiper motor safe HID's! and safe for ESP A4 problems? (or something like that lol) THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD, on MOT's, legality, blinding etc. This will last 3/4 weeks. So enough time to get your monthly pay cheque in. I have nothing to do with the...
  16. JJ.Foulds

    lacquer peeling? pics inside.

    So this is what iv got, not sure if its just the lacquer peeling off or what? Not sure what to do? Thanks
  17. JJ.Foulds

    Garage hours for sensor change?

    Looking at getting my oil pressure sensor changed to help my current problems. Audi | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer How many garage hours should i be looking at to budget for this swap please? i cant seen to find much info. Thanks!
  18. JJ.Foulds

    Doing first DIY oil change. WOOOOOOAH!

    So im going to do my first ever oil change! WOOOOAHHHH. Im sure this is a standard thing to most but im ready for it! Iv watched this video, and im just wondering if theres any tips or tricks to doing this smoothy or to watch out for. iv got a socket set and torx so all should be good...
  19. JJ.Foulds

    spring compressor for front coilovers?

    basically as the title says, do i need a spring compressor to change to front coilovers.? The backs are done without and was just wondering after watching the MCM video lol. Thanks, Jon.
  20. JJ.Foulds

    My A3 horrible engine rattle, video inside. Cam chain?

    So after my oil pressure warning light, to an oil pick up pipe change, to then another oil pressure light, to a pressure test which came out totally perfect. Im left with a terrible rattle which the mechanic spotted for me but i didnt have the money to investigate it more. Soo about the noise...